E3, Changes Need To Be Made

E3 has just ended a few days ago, and while we did get many surprises out of the major press conferences, are we all really happy with the show?

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cool83793d ago

Should be allowed in.

Max Power3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

the public should be allowed in. If they want to have a professional approach then make the conferences media only, but have a live feed directly to their booth, with huge projectors and speakers, where the fans can watch it together and see it while its happening (imagine gasping with other fan boys as FFXIII is playing on the MS booth, booing Nintendo for a weak showing, or getting excited for 256 online multiplayer games). Then after that go on to other booths and get the feel of all the games that should be in attendance, or stick around to see those games being displayed with in the booth and possibly getting some hands on action with those games.
I also think that if they opened it back up to the public then, companies will feel the need to annouce something huge and exciting.

yaboi3793d ago

then we would have lots of different takes on games
than just from other developers and all, we need to know what everyone thinks!!

Soldierone3793d ago

I think many people would like to read the story. I disgree with the report about being too short, its actualy quick and easy with good points. Its not meant to be a novel so the guy doesnt know what he is talking about. I just think its a good read and E3 fans will enjoy it.