Fat Princess backlash is poppycock

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"A few folks in the blogosphere seem to be pretty worked up about Fat Princess, a bloody (and fairly attractive) PSN game coming down the pike. Without going into too much detail, the game has players working to carry their beloved princess home across the battlefield, after she has been forced to eat a ton of stuff by the enemy, to make her… harder to rescue.

Apparently it's ok to have a female character in your game, as long as she's impossibly thin and wearing a skimpy outfit as she slices enemies to shreds. But put a few pounds on her and "look out Nancy!" We've got a scandal!"

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Silogon3792d ago

That is one of the most grotesque and disproportionate faces I've ever seen. The classy finger gesture only adds to her bulbous appearance too. I picture here sofa's smelling of Albacore.

DarkBlade3792d ago

Big Girls…. You ARE BEAUTIFUL. LOl I died laughing after watching that. Best song for Fat Princess

alakazzam3792d ago

she just needs a good bit of c0ck lol

kornbeaner3792d ago

Fat chicks need love too.....I don't want to do the loving but somebody should.

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