Gamestyle Reviews: Overlord: Raising Hell

Many console owners immediately look down on a release that has PC origins or comes via a rival format, well Overlord: Raising Hell manages to fulfil both criteria. Yet in spite of this PlayStation 3 regulars in search of some refreshment would do well to pick up what was one of the most original and fun titles on the Xbox 360 during 2007.

Despite Gamestyle having already played through the Xbox 360 version, Overlord still manages to retain its freshness a year on. Allowing you take control of the lead character (simply known as the Overlord), your only aim is to be really evil and renew your control over the lands. This is achieved by commanding your legions of evil creations known as minions, who are little more than Gremlins in another form. While you can wield powerful spells and engage in brutal close combat, your minions will do most of the fighting and dying at your bidding, gladly laying down their life for the greater evil cause.

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