Killzone 2 hd video from E3

This is all the videos from gamersyde from E3 08 which have been coded at 720p and deghosted.


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SmokingMonkey3794d ago

32 players online with these graphics and physics
helghast look sick, better than a bright orange space marine. LOL

Xi3793d ago

Killzone 2 is better then half life?

that's the only fps I know of where the character has an orange armor.

da7dal3794d ago

Ok I want killzone to be awesome (i only have a ps3) but I feel like have played this level before... its nothing new. the graphics are superb.
but GoW2 levels look awesome! and there is fire and trashed buildings the floor cracks and you fall.
I hope they have some interesting level designs.

SmokingMonkey3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

online is only 5 on 5? $50 a year for that?
graphically it does look awesome, but i like SOCOM better for 3rd person shooters (more realistic and 16 on 16 online)

wait why are we talking about gears2? KZ2 looks 100 times better than Gears2 IMO graphics and gameplay and KZ2 isn't going to be on PC so it's a true exclusive

DC Universe Online is going to the PC too so i don't count that as an exclusive either. why should i count gears2 as an exclusive, because it's the best 360 has to offer?

beavis4play3793d ago

i guess you choose to ignore the fact that(except for up close) everything in gears is either foggy or smeared looking. also, the floor cracking in gears makes you happy? what about the whole buildings collapsing in KZ? and you nag about only seeing one level in KZ? gears isn't showing very much either. and do you like watching the animations of characters in gears? cause they look pretty clumsy if you ask like gears? ok, fine. then take your love to a gears thread. cause, from the views i've seen of the 2 games, it's no contest.....gears looks like original doom compared to KZ2.

poopsack3793d ago

most of those things you said are pre rendered (in a way)

I.E The floor wont always break, it just happens in that part.

Bolts3793d ago

So falling in the cracks on the floor is your idea of interesting level design? Oh yeah, Gears of War 2 will be great then LOL!

Jeebs3793d ago

I'm not a 360 owner, but you can't just go on saying "$50/yr for a game!?!?!?" for each game. You pay $50/yr for the service for all games (online compatability = regulated). Whereas, for us PS3ers, it's free, but online service tends to depend on individual developers.

But I digress, I love the HL series, but it needs a deeper storyline now that it has excellent graphics. But we all know that graphics doesn't = an ultimate game.

da7dal3793d ago

thanks for your replies and Im just saying the really need to get creative with level design something just insane and new... that combined with its superb graphics= perfection.

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xg-ei8ht3794d ago

They are different games, but i hear what your saying. and i agree.

Levels need to be diverse, and i think they will be, apparently the level that has been shown alot of times is a training level.

I want to see more myself.

Yes gears 2 does look good, although not a big leap over the first.

But the gameplay looks fun.

beavis4play3793d ago

the level they've shown is the second level. (really the first since the first level is actually a training level)
and yea, i'd like to be playing the game now, let alone seeing more levels. but devs have said they'll show more as it gets closer to launch.
and KZ1 was very diverse, so don't think that one level is all there is to this game. plus, i want to see how they are going to incorporate the weather of helghan. it's supposed to play a big role in the game.(something that i hear cliffyb is copying for gears2)

damnwrx3794d ago

Wait......M$ wants a piece of the pie, (chuckling)

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