PC Gaming: It's a Love Hate Thing

A long time PC Gamer starts to wonder if PC Gaming is best for him moving forward.

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hiredhelp1148d ago

It can be love hate I can vouch for that but I cant be without a PC.

starchild1147d ago

Agreed. But it's mostly a love thing for me. All platforms have issues occasionally, but PC tends to give me a lot more options and ways around the issues when they do occur.

SolidStoner1147d ago

I never doubted that.. PC is the ultimate machine for everything! It gives me many choices and options, with time sadly even on PC my powers are taken away, next gen programmers and designers tend to hide everything away and make it more simple.. its very welcome in consoles since they are made to be simple and fast, mostly for gaming.. gaming was never that simple.. press a button and all updates and everything just pops up automatically, just set up your preferences, controls and go.. best part I like about consoles is that there is less, bugs and crashes and it looks same for everyone.. still PC is what makes games in the end!

freshslicepizza1147d ago

the pc offers so much versatility. a lot of games now don't require a keyboard and mouse and steam big picture mode is to attract those gamers who are uncomfortable with pc gaming.

people often view the cost of the pc as what holds them back but the pc can do more than just gaming. you can turn it into a complete media machine and a workstation.

other than it's plug play advantage on consoles it's mainly the marketing that trumps the pc. they spend a lot of money marketing console games and the hardware.

Dee_911147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

i prefer consoles but honestly if i had the funds for a more powerful PC i would play on pc more. Even with that said if I had to choose one it would be console because of familiarity, comfortability and all of my friends are on consoles.

nitus101146d ago

I am sure that most people who view this firum have some sort of PC so it would be very difficult to disagree with what you said.

The PC and by that I assume you mean X86 with a Microsoft Windows Operating System maybe the ultimate machine for everything for you but there are other architectures and operating systems out there that are every bit as good and subjectively even better.

I personally run on an X86_64 platform with Fedora 22 (Linux) and it does everything I want and if I really want (which I don't) it can play "Games for Windows" as well.

If you are into "Games for Windows" then X86 MS Windows is definitely for you.

I definitely agree with your statement about consoles since it is rare although it does happen that you have issues with a game and if there are it usually gets patched fairly quickly.

bixxel1146d ago

When you get to mod, it's the best thing ever.

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silvacrest1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

yup, PC gaming can be great but when you get driver issues, gfx card issues and sloppy ports, hell even controller issues with a certain game, it makes me regret buying a 970

Peace_Love_and_FPS1147d ago

I love my 970, regardless of the whole 3.5GB/.5GB scandal it runs amazing for its cost.

Footyspacecadet1148d ago

Man I love my pc but sometimes I have been known to have thoughts about throwing it through a window :-p

Perjoss1147d ago

I've been gaming on PC for about 19 years and I've never had this thought :)

SpamnJam1148d ago

I am kind of in the same boat. I mean there are certain things I will always play on PC but if there is a legitimate choice between platforms I find myself going for the console version. Must be a getting old thing.

SolidStoner1147d ago

I understand that.. sad for those who dosn't..

time is most precious thing in our lives.. consoles really saves your time, and makes gaming experience less frustrating and simple.. you can simply turn on play and turn off..

yes you have less options, and yes graphics change depending on your system, but I made my point! ;)

Tiqila1147d ago

turn PC on -> start game -> play

I don't think you save any time by using a console (depending on your PC that is, mine boots in 8 seconds and loading times are much faster compared to consoles [when inside a game]).

Maybe I just don't get your point but I haven't read the article, so that might be a reason.

silvacrest1147d ago


i think his point was the various issues you can get with a PC that wastes time, optimizing a game because it had a sloppy port, look at devil may cry 3 for PC for a great example

R6ex1147d ago

When your old console dies, and the new-gen console doesn't have backwards compatibility, you lose all your old but lovely games. For PC, your old games will always be there.

Dude4201147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )


Yes, because it's the PC's fault, let's not blame it on the developers who outsource their porting project to third party companies. They're not the reason at all for wasting his time.

Somebody1147d ago

I am currently writing this reply on my gaming laptop from my hotel room. Minimize the browser I'm using now and there's my Steam Library with all the 101 games waiting to be clicked.

I don't see what's so hard about PC gaming.

As for the times wasted due to unoptimized games the answer is simple and easy - Don't pre-order or buy upon launch. Wait a little while longer, play other games in the meantime or buy during Sales. I bought most of my AAA titles during sales not just because of the lower price but due to the fact that they would be heavily patched up by then. If you can't wait then go ahead pre-order away but get ready for any troubles that may crop up.

ginsunuva1146d ago

Yes, I have spent many precious years of my life tweaking graphics settings.
Oh wait no I haven't.

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Stringerbell1148d ago

'The thrifty accountant inside me is getting louder and louder and as much as my inner tech head wants the latest and greatest I just can’t justify it anymore.'

If you're thrifty then a PC is the way to go end of. During the Steam Sale I picked up Sleeping dogs- my GPU is by no means a beast its as middle of the road as the come and yet I'm still running this game at 1080p 60fps oh and I only paid 7 bucks for it. If I wanted this game for the PS4 it would be 25 bucks at 30 fps. This adds up over time 20 bucks saved here 20 there, not paying that yearly fee for PS Plus an XBL. While I do have a PS4 its reserved only for the odd sports game and exclusives.

Botched ports come and go (eventually they get fixed though). I'm stealing this quote I saw on the boards on IGN:

Low Fps on pc = pull the game from the shelves. Low Fps on console = Cinematic experience.

mikeslemonade1148d ago

Consoles is better for the wallet though for the latest and greatest if you know how to deal search. You buy the game and you resell it after you finish. You may end up with more money sometimes too.

Now being exactly thrifty and you want to play the older games you can "wheel and deal" also. You play it and resell it too.

$25 for Sleep Dogs is probably at Gamestop. If that's one of the only ways you know how to shop for games then you're not gonna be good at reselling.

Stringerbell1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I'm pretty sure you can deal search for PC games too. I actually found a decent deal for online play- I don't pay its free. Maybe you could do better though =p

plmkoh1147d ago

It baffles me to see the same old story repeated that 'deals' are a PC thing.

thehobbyist1147d ago

If console gaming is so great for your wallet how come Arkham Knight on PC was being offered for 40% off BEFORE LAUNCH? Regardless of the PC port's issues you can't deny that 40% is WAY better than paying the full $60 day one on console.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1147d ago


You're so right, and where I live (Canada) developers are charging anywhere from 75-80 dollars now when conversion puts it at UNDER 75! It's a f****** ripoff with tax, I'm not paying 84 dollars for a game, so I decided at launch of this generation to go all digital on console. Found I could actually upgrade to a 2TB for less than the tax, and I still can't let go of my PS3 games so resale value is meaningless to be.

Then my buddy got me into PC. I hardly pay over 50 for AAA games.

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SpamnJam1148d ago

Pretty sure he was talking about hardware considering he used the words Tech Head...

Stringerbell1148d ago

Okay then. But the commenter above me is talking about how somehow the 'latest and greatest' are cheaper on consoles. If you really believe that okay...

JoeBloggs1148d ago

It really is just a horses for courses argument. I am more a console guy but have plenty of friends that are all about the PC. Whatever fits the bill... it is all games man

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