New Xbox One System Software Update in Preview Comes with Backwards Compatibility Fixes

Today Microsoft released a new update to the Xbox One system software for preview members, that is mostly focused on fixing issues with the newly introduced backwards compatibility feature.

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ThePresentIsAgift1149d ago

Good to see them steaming ahead, hopefully the feature will be accessible to all soon.

Nirvana315911149d ago ShowReplies(8)
bigmonkeygamer1149d ago

Same here would love to try out the backwards compatibility now though if anyone would be kind enough to invite me into the preview program.


Ill invite u if i can. Whats your gamer tag?

yippiechicken1149d ago

Hey BLK, could you invite me too, please? GT same as user name. Thanks in advance!

bigmonkeygamer1149d ago

Thank you so much sorry about the delay has to wait 30mins to reply my gamertag is Monkeygod95 all one word.

vikingland11149d ago

If they keep this up it's going to run great when it releases for everyone else.

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theRell1149d ago

I'm happy the streaming is fixed, hopefully it lets me show the full screen instead of cutting off a good portion.