Will The PlayStation 5 Essentially Be A Streaming Box Or A Hardware Behemoth?

The PlayStation 5 is years away, but does that mean Sony hasn't started working on it? Will it showcase graphic muscules or essentially be a set-top box?

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mikeslemonade1188d ago

If it's not a box I will not support it, take note Sony. You payed attention to Shenmue 3 and FF7, so now listen too. I will not support a streaming app.

FarEastOrient1188d ago

It may not be for you, but Samsung TVs are happy to stream PS3 games with PSNow. Along with other devices that doesn't require the box like my cellphone.

Naga1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

They said before the PS4 even launched that the future of console gaming was all-digital, if not streaming. Considering the strides they have taken in that direction (PSNow), it really wouldn't surprise me at all.

If that's the future they foresee, and they're seeing success now as their vision unfolds, I see no reason to expect them to deviate from that path, regardless of whether I think they ought to.

Spotie1188d ago

It's an inevitable direction that all media is taking. Doesn't mean it's near enough to be viable by the time the PS5 is ready to come out.

In fact, considering how well the PS4 is doing worldwide, and how far behind most of the world is as it pertains to internet- I think I heard it was illegal for private citizens to even HAVE internet in Cuba, for example- I don't know how anyone could come to the conclusion you did.

xer01188d ago

Sony knows that the broadband infrastructure isn't all that great, to support a streaming only service.

PS5 maybe digital.., but it is unlikely that it'll be streaming only. Especially since large parts of North America, Eastern Europe, Asia (India) have poor broadband penetration and bandwidth.

If they are talking about 4k on PS5, streaming only - would be extremely bandwidth intensive.

Personally, I don't mind digital distribution.., but i prefer to have a physical media option as well.

S2Killinit1188d ago

Pretty sure consoles are not going anywhere. As far as the technology inside the box i think it will be a hybrid.

joab7771188d ago

It will be quite some time before streaming catches up with the tech. Bit when it does, Sony will be primed to do that. You won't have to shell out $500 for a console, just pay monthly for a streaming app that allows you to play anything you want.

Also, as phones and tablets catch up, alot will be available on mobile devices to.

KyRo1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Unless the worlds internet gets better in the next five years which I highly doubt, a digital only future would have a big impact on the industry as a whole an send sales potentially crashing. It's one thing downloading or streaming a 13mb song or 600mb film but when it's a 50 gb (maybe even double by next gen), it's a whole different story.

Not to mention nether PSN or XBL are still not stable enough to withstand a digital only future yet with the amount of down time and errors and ddosing that happened over the past year resulting in most games not being able to be played.

Brotard1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Watch out Sony, mikeslemonade is going to personally demolish your bottom line by not buying your console if it is a streaming device. He said listen so you better...

Also digital only would seriously effect companies like GameStop, Amazon, best buy etc. it wouldn't destroy the latter two by any means but would seriously cripple GameStop. And they know it is coming, that's why legacy consoles are now sold by them. As a sort of buffer to growing digital.

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johndoe112111188d ago

It will be both. It will have ps now on day one and it will probably be a lot more powerful than the ps4.

MrSwankSinatra1188d ago

If it's a streaming box then I'm not buying it.

Eidolon1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Yeah, I mean where are they streaming from... what device is playing the actual game? I want that device(probably PC)!

_-EDMIX-_1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

"If it's a streaming box then I'm not buying it"


"If it's not a box I will not support it"


"if it's streaming we are all doomed"

"I don't think the worlds infrastructure will improve enough over"


"Streaming? No"

From the sounds of it, it won't be a streaming only box for sooooo many reasons. One powerful reason is based on gamers alone, it can only work if gamers actually want it. Gamers control the market, I don't care what anyone says on here, one can't be as naive as to think one thing will happen, yet not factor in what gamer's think as Gamers made it clear the Wii era was over with Wii U, Gamer's made it clear they would not buy a system that was online only with XONE. Its not up to Sony as it wasn't up to Nintendo, MS etc Its 100% up to gamers. Same with VR.

Its like saying "will PS5 be VR only" I don't know...will gamers buy Morpheus in the deep, deep millions ie 60 million? Even so.......does that even mean they will ONLY go VR only? That doesn't prove that, merely that folks are ok with buying VR as an option, soooo would PS option, be ONLY streaming in terms of the only method on PS5? It sounds like going backwards to me in terms of distribution types as your getting less not more..


Sony is currently working on a new media format, they clearly have plans for still using physical media as a distribution method as you don't become a world wide leader in console sales buy having a infrastructure that only a few countries can even use.... It needs to work with the whole WORLD day 1, its that simple.


"many countries that we saw do not really have robust Internet"

Soooo Sony sells well WORLD WIDE, clearly...they need a system that represents that, its why they have the fastest selling console in history right now. The majority can't, the ones that can also don't want it lol. I see no reason to do Streaming only, digital only, physical only etc. We will have all and I see no reason why not to have all methods as it just makes no sense not to.

So before we jump and say "But PS Now" or "But PSN digital day 1"....yes sure...but Bluray, but world wide lacking internet, but Sony working on another media format, but Sony selling PS4 faster then PS2, but XBOX ONE'S REVEAL!

Gamer's let it be known pretty loud that they didn't want what MS was offering in terms of online only...ironically on the internet, the very thing needed to run an XONE. It speaks volumes for gamers to state ONLINE they don't want an ONLINE only system. That is as solid as it gets to gamer's voicing what they actually want. If someone who has internet all the time, doesn't want that, say hello to the rest of the world.

They want to make money, making money means getting money from EVERYONE, not just those with internet, that is to go backwards and makes no sense at all.

ABizzel11186d ago

It will continue to be a combination of both with more focus on hardware.

People still like buying their retail games and until internet speeds and access is vastly improved globally and digital sales overtake retail then there will always be disc based games. They will push for more digital features and content and streaming, but retail games and physical media will still be there.

Hardware wise just look at AMDs current top specs and there's your PS5. There will be some adjustments since the PS5 is another 4 - 5 years away but an FX 8320+ is more than likely the CPU (+ better single core performance, lower TDP), a R9 Fury X+ (aka R9 780 / 880 in 2020, lower TDP, more features, improved performance, 9 TFLOPS).

Overall a near 10TFLOP console.

FX 8350
R9 Fury X

arkard1188d ago

God, if it's streaming we are all doomed. Internet infrastructure still is not anywhere close to what it needs to be to stream games. At least not games that would be higher quality then what's on ps4 right now.

HighResHero1188d ago

Even if the infrastructure was there I wouldn't want it.

Beegs71861188d ago

What if future consoles came with a DVD/blu-Ray tray but after you purchased the game digitally you had the option to burn the game to a blank blu-Ray using the ps5?

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