Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition Full Car and Track List: Here’s What You Get for Free

Today Sony Computer Entertainment finally released Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition, but what exactly does it give you access to? Here you’ll see every car and track, included in the package, to gauge whether it’s worth downloading several gigabytes on your PS4 (Spoiler: it is)

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Palitera1270d ago

Please, how does it compare to the full version?

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Orionsangel1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

You can play the India tracks. The rest is locked. It feels like a demo. The game is practically begging for you to buy the full version. At every turn it's reminding you to upgrade to the full pay version. It's the most anticlimactic Plus launch ever. That being said from what I played I enjoyed it. It's challenging and I suck at it lol.

FunAndGun1269d ago

Well, I did say sometimes....

Of course there are people who just like disagreeing. You are being ignored by 18 people, so it could be your past comments that make them automatically give you a disagree or they think you are trolling. Just trying to help out, I didn't disagree with you. I wouldn't take the agree/disagree system to seriously anyway, it is the Internetz after all. ;)

classic191270d ago

This game is good, ima upgrade to full version soon. Graphics is pretty damn good also. Old news to some

LatinGamer2141270d ago

Can someone help me with this. if you had the physical copy and don't no more but have the season pass will it work on the plus version?

Aenea1270d ago

Doubtful, it's a season pass for the full game, not for the demo.

LatinGamer2141270d ago

Ooooooook i got a Disagree for asking something Riiiiiiiiiight.

CorndogBurglar1270d ago

Welcome to N4G. Unfortunately i'm convinced there are people that just go into articles and disagree with any comments they see, regardless of what was said.

This is proof enough for me. How can you disagree with an honest question? And not only that, you 3 disagrees? People are just trolling.

As for your question, sorry man, i dont know. I would have to think it wouldn't work because this isn't the full retail version. But i dont know that for sure.

LatinGamer2141270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

And i thank you man. And a bubble for you.

FunAndGun1270d ago

Sometimes it's not a disagree but a "No" to the question you asked.

Palitera1269d ago

"Please, how does it compare to the full version?"

12 disagrees.

jmc88881270d ago

When I went in to find it for download, I also noticed some 'free' cars... so I downloaded them.

Following the draft so (and the lead up to it) so I haven't tried the game yet.

Does anyone know if those 'free' cars work on the 'trial' version?

Forn1270d ago

I believe so. The PS+ version is basically just the full game with locked content that you would then pay to unlock.

P_Bomb1269d ago

They don't work. I have over 20 pieces of free DLC queued up and not a single car is allowed in the plus version. Sorry, plus "trial". Very disappointing. You can't even participate in your own challenges that you send to friends

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The story is too old to be commented.