Conkers Bad Fur Day Heist Returns in Rare Replay

Conkers Bad Fur Day Heist multiplayer was one of the most beloved game modes of its time. This was a simple multiplayer that was easy to get lost in for hours. When Rare Replay was announced at E3 2015, players were thrilled. The love for the game is apparent as it is the number one Xbox One pre ordered title on amazon for this year. Conkers Bad Fur Day is one of the main draws to players wishing to purchase Rare Replay.

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TheSuperior 1181d ago

Heist mode was one of the best multiplayer modes I ever played. I spent hours on this. it was a huge issue for me when live and reloaded didnt have the mode. glad to see replay will host it more classic

3-4-51181d ago

* How will multiplayer work with some of these games ?

Local ? Online ? none at all ?

BinaryMind1181d ago

Xbox 360 games will be online. The rest will likely be left as local games. It's $30, I wasn't expecting them to go back and add online for every multiplayer game.

Rockstar1181d ago

Just Pre-ordered for 30 bucks on Amazon.

Can't wait!

Fullcourtshot111181d ago

You should grab it from the Microsoft store. They're giving $10 of Xbox live money with the $30 preorder.

Rockstar1178d ago

I live in Canada.
Reg price is 40 bucks everywhere here.
Microsoft store included.

diesoft1181d ago

I played both the n64 and xbox remake and there was a bit of charm lost since it was odd how the xbox remake actually tried to censor the game a little more than the f***in' n64 game the great might poo song on both versions and tell me I'm wrong.

But I'm a little confused if there is online multiplayer. Does it have that and if it does, is it the N64 version of multiplayer like I assume or is it throwin' in the xbox version? I would love if it had both versions but a man can dream (also...the hell, rare? No goldeneye...but I get it).

Immorals1179d ago

You get the uncensored version after completing the game on xbox iirc

diesoft1178d ago

I never saw it even after I beat it and I can't find anything online after a quick google search. A wiki just stated that it was at one time going to be uncensored but for some reason someone made the decision to censor it more. You can fight a giant piece of shit but as long as you don't hear the word "shit" it's all fine. I wonder which exec made that decision? (I hope they got fired)

PhoenixUp1181d ago

If this has XBL multiplayer I'll buy an X1