What You Didn't Hear At E3: PlayStation's Shawn Layden On TV, VR, And Vita

Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden stood in front of thousands of video game fans at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and brought the house down.

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MegaRay1035d ago

I hate Sony for ignoring the PS Vita :/

TwoForce1035d ago

I know. But Vita didn't appeal to Western Audience.

scientificreasoning1034d ago

Consumers ignored it they have no choice...they need money to survive.

thejigisup1034d ago

Great interview, shameless plug

antikbaka1034d ago

by the way - it's great to have Jap games discounted for vita now, it's i have only those ones

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Decastis1033d ago

PS Vita is long gone. I sold mine 3 months ago cause it was pretty much useless.

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