Activision Blizzard, Inc. To Consider Remakes Of Past Call Of Duty Games

If you’re missing the action from past Call of Duty games, here’s some good news: Activision may consider remakes for modern consoles

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TheSuperior 906d ago

would be a happy guy. I loved the older ones much more than the more recent ones :)

Rebel_Scum905d ago

The only COD multiplayer I play is COD3, still to this very day.

If they remade this I would be happy as then more people would be playing than they are now. Just keep the leveling bullcrap out please.

tdogchristy90906d ago

Just give me ww2 with modern next gen graphics and I'll be happy.

ThichQuangDuck905d ago

Sometimes I think gamers just want remakes rather than new games.

Fullbucket905d ago

I hope this happens. I loved WaW, CoD 4 and Blops 1.

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