How Naughty Dog Fit Crash Bandicoot into 2MB of RAM on the PS1

"RAM was still a major issue even then. The PS1 had 2MB of RAM, and we had to do crazy things to get the game to fit. We had levels with over 10MB of data in them, and this had to be paged in and out dynamically, without any “hitches”—loading lags where the frame rate would drop below 30 Hz."

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Tonykid996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

This is pretty cool I'm becoming a programmer and most of my teachers were former game programmers and they talked a lot of memory conservation. They are also noticing how currents developers are becoming somewhat lazy because of all memory we have now. We now have 50 gb bluray with over 5 gb RAM theres not much need to conserve or make complicated algorithms to save memory.

Soldierone996d ago

It's something I note about phone developers a lot. They can very easily make some of their games better with memory, but since a new phone releases every 6 months with more memory etc... they don't bother. What happens then is perfectly fine phones get "out dated" and can't run new apps because a developer doesn't know how to manage the memory.

If a better looking game can run on PSP, but not a phone with double the specs, something is wrong.

Nitrowolf2996d ago

Naughty Dog has some of the most talented devs just from looking at their work and the kind of hardware they worked with to achieve them. Uh mean I am still blown away with how the last of us looks on last gen. These guys just keep pushing whatever hardware they work with

bouzebbal996d ago

This is what happens when you have the culture of perfection in the company. This will to always optimize. Bravo naughty dog

TheGamingArt994d ago

Clearly your not a professional phone developer so please don't hitch on that idea when you don't understand the sdks, tools, ect.

Sgt_Slaughter996d ago

Seems like Nintendo is one of the only ones who still compresses to get better sized downloads. MK8 and WW HD were very small compared to some games that look/perform just as good with 40+ GB of size.

SolidGear3996d ago

My first computer 75MHz with a 512MB hard drive and 8MB RAM (but I upgraded it to 16). It was a Packard Bell in 1995 and cost my dad $1400

Aenea996d ago

Tsk, that's nothing, my first computer had 16KB (upgraded it to 64) and had a cassette recorder :)

bumnut996d ago

Spectrum? I had the one with the rubber keys :)

Aenea996d ago

@bumnut Ha, no speccy for me, had an Atari XL! The first BASIC programs I wrote I 'saved' by writing down the code on paper 'cos I had to save up for that cassette recorder, haha.

MasterCornholio996d ago


Sounds like the stone age of computer programming. Instead of getting things done easily you had to club everything into the system until it works.

I'm thankful that I don't have to deal with that kind of stuff today.

Although I will admit that some programmers act like neanderthals.

Aenea995d ago


Nah, stone age is programming with punch cards *shudder*

And lemme guess you're a sys. admin?

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StormSailor996d ago

They are wizards. These guys used forbidden magic

Cernunnos996d ago

Andy Gavin has a great blog series a few years back about the making of the Crash games. Really good read :) Google it.

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