Batman: Arkham Knight, Red Hood Story Pack (AverageNobodys PS4 Review)

As you know I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, there wasn't going to be any doubt as to whether or not I was going to pre-order it. The question was where was I going to pre-order it? I was presented with dozens of options, ranging from; discounts and a variety of DLC offers. Ultimately I had to go with GameStop to get my hands on the Red Hood Story Pack.

The question remains, was the decision to go with GameStop for the Red Hood DLC worth it?

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Germ_the_Nobody1145d ago

Expecting at least 30 minutes? I was hugely disappointed with the duration of Harley Quinn's Story Pack. 10 minutes is pure nonsense. I cannot figure out where they found the balls to charge even more for the Season Pass.

Jimboms1141d ago

Oh man, not sure what I think now