Batman: Arkham Knight’s Harley Quinn DLC Review

NerdBite: In the Harley Quinn Story Pack—yeah, that’s what it’s called—we can finally take control of the Joker’s psychotic sidekick and join in on her mission to break into the Blüdhaven Police Department and rescue Poison Ivy. It serves as an incomplete prequel—I say incomplete because it’s essentially one part of a whole story—to the events of Arkham Knight. Originally, it was detailed that Harley’s exclusive—yeah, there’s that word again—story pack was only obtainable as a pre-order incentive.

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ironcrow23861032d ago

What a shame this dlc only lasts 20 minutes :( cudda been so much more

AgentSmithPS41032d ago

Glad I didn't get the season pass.

Skate-AK1032d ago

It's only a pre-order bonus.

Palitera1032d ago

So it is not a bonus. It is content ripped straight out of the game.

CorndogBurglar1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Or content that was never meant to be played as part of the main story and was specifically created as optional content.

Not to mention it was free. Whats the problem? Saying it was ripped straight from the game implies that it was originally meant to be part of the main story but they took it out and sold it separately. Something that you and no one else has any way of knowing.

Palitera1032d ago

Actually, the very design of their games clearly shows that it is part of the game taken away.
Otherwise you wouldn't see so many riddles you can't complete because... You don't have the ripped off content.

OhMyGandhi1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )


@ CorndogBurglar

the problem is that the content itself is overly short. and if it indeed was part of a pre order bonus, regardless of whether it's free or not, it's deceitful to consumers.

It makes the consumer think that what they are getting was developed independently of the game itself, actual "added content" and not something removed and modified in such a way to appear as added inventive to buyers.

optimus1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

well what do you expect?..all dlc on every game uses content from the main game.are you looking for an entirely seperate engine than the game itself??

what's the big deal? it could be that it simply didn't fit in the game. the other harley quinn dlc for arkham city was the same way....take fighting games for example, they leave characters out on purpose and add them later so that way the game expands it's replay value. if they released everything at once than people would play it all and put it on the shelf a lot sooner than later. do i condone this? no i don't, that's why i don't buy season passes or the like. i still don't feel like i was ripped off like a lot of you do because the game is still playable without it...

movies leave scenes on the cutting room floor and release it later in the blu-ray or dvd. i don't see why all the complaints, especially for something that is free.

linkenski1028d ago

Who cares? It has no place in the game anyway. We don't need to see how A ties into B in this case when it's only a 20 minute gameplay segment of standard Batman combat and a Boss fight that isn't really a boss-fight, and narratively it would've been out of place to open the game with the player controlling Harley Quinn.

As I see it it's just fluff that should've been cut alltogether.

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AstroCyborg1029d ago

first people cried about it being crucial to the story now that its not its a bad thing gotta love gamers these days