15 Third Party PS4 Titles to Anticipate in 2015

While Sony had a stellar E3 2015 press conference, many of the highlights ended up being games that won’t release until 2016 or even later. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to enjoy on your PlayStation 4 until then, however, as there are plenty of promising looking third-party titles that should fill your gaming plate for the rest of the year.

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excaliburps1148d ago

Battlefront! That and Uncharted Collection might be enough for my PS4. :D

Rimeskeem1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I'm looking forward to platinuming Uncharted. I think with Battlefront, Fallout 4, Uncharted, and Black Ops 3 my PS4 will survive till 2016.

I will also be able to enjoy Halo 5 and RotTR which is a + in my book.

great year to be a gamer and 2016 is looking up as well!

littlezizu1148d ago

Persona 5(if they release in 2015), Dragon quest and Uncharted collection is all I need in 2015.

ThichQuangDuck1148d ago

Rainbow Six Siege may be my main multiplayer game. I need Timesplitters so bad. Just saying Crytek

FarEastOrient1148d ago

Nice of them to acknowledge the games still coming to the PS4. They're podcast during E3 kept repeating the story that PS4 didn't have anything to go against Xbox for the rest of 2015.

knifefight1148d ago

I feel like maybe, at the time, a lot of people's focus was on the things that were delayed. After the shock wears off, you realize what's still there? Something like that.