GTA V Online Casino Opening Next Week

We have some more exciting GTA Online rumors to bring you now and this one is rather exciting. It is being speculated that the GTA Online Casino release date is coming within 7 days, thanks to one user who has seen the Casino banner change in-game for him.

At the moment if you head to the Casino you will see that it says Coming Soon and has been like that for months. However, watch the video below and you’ll see evidence from one user that his Casino now states that the GTA V Casino is ‘Opening next week’.

That’s not all though. We can see that several members of the GTA V community caught wind of this and are currently searching for further answers on whether the GTA Online Casino release date is really coming within 7 days.

Is the GTA Online Casino coming with the Ill Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC next week?

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SaveFerris1149d ago

I wonder if you can rob the casino?

KillerPwned1147d ago

New heist mission possibly?

Skate-AK1148d ago

That tweet just seems like a generic response.

psplova1148d ago

This could be awesome!

Tornadobounce1147d ago

Nice. Now all they need to do is add more gang hideouts and ill be happy.

Dragonking0071147d ago

Thats already everywhere online tho in the airfield, construction areas, under some bridges there pretty much everywhere

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The story is too old to be commented.