Doom 3 BFG Edition Review: Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid - So this takes me back. In the early 90s I played through Doom, then Doom 2, and then replayed them, and then played them some more. I found their every secret and every secret level in the days before my 56K internet brought me walkthroughs and guides. And here they are again, along with their younger brother Doom 3, brought onto Nvidia’s Shield tablet-console mashup. Of course it’s Doom 3 that takes top billing: it was ID’s attempt – in a world after Quake – to modernize their classics for the post-Half-Life era. After spending a few hours on it I reckon it probably belongs in the ‘noble failure’ category. It’s an uncomfortable hybrid of horror and shooter, with the horror mostly confined to ‘enemies appearing behind you’ and the shooting hamstrung by the fact that you move like an overweight glacier and have to continually try to dance about as enemies pop up behind you. Despite id’s high production values it’s a game that, though visually appealing, has suffered...

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they made this for Iphone!? I didn't know that was possible.