Sony investigating slow PSN download speeds in Europe

Dealspwn: "Have you noticed that PSN downloads are taking longer than usual? We certainly have -- what with DriveClub's PS+ Edition and the monstrous Elder Scrolls Online patch taking an age -- and we're not alone.

It turns out that many European PS4 owners have reported slow download speeds and Sony are actively investigating the issue."

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TheImprobableMulk821d ago

I hope it's sorted soon. The PSN has always been inconsistent with its speeds, but today has been utterly ridiculous. I've spent all day trying to get DriveClub and it still reckons it will take around 24 hours to finish downloading.

SniperControl821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

I bought the new Batman yesterday morning, when i remote played into my PS4 from work around 4pm, it still had over 5gb to download, to put that into perspective, i have 100mb fibre broadband.

I managed to play the game till Ace chemicals, when a notice popped saying i needed to install the game to progress, i checked Batman in System storage and i discovered it still needed to download over 42gb, that download is still going nearly a day and a half after i bought it.

Palitera821d ago

Yay digital-only future!

blady_man821d ago

Its been 2 days to download the patch for batman and im only half way!! I have a 152mb fibre optic broadband!!

BoriboyShoGUN821d ago

Find the best DNS near you and try that!

rainslacker821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

That'll help establish the first connection, but once a connection is established, DNS isn't really used anymore.

I'm not even sure that the PS consoles use DNS to access the store, since they would likely have the appropriate IP. Maybe they have it as a backup.

It is possible that if one is using a bad DNS, that it isn't getting updated properly, so the connection is being rerouted instead of being direct as possible.

Either way it can't hurt. Generally GoogleDNS tends to be the best for most users.

UKmilitia821d ago

152mb fibre dedicated line and it tooke me 6 hours to download patch.
there is a little trick i do though which normally gives me full speed(but not yesterday.)

start download and pause,unpause,pause unpause wait a few seconds.
iff hasnt speeded up then do again.
shouldnthhave ot but it works 90% of time.

nidhogg821d ago

This is clearly Putin's fault.

Sureshot821d ago

Live in Australia for month and then tell me about slow downloads...

Blues Cowboy821d ago

Haha, heard it's pretty shocking! That said, the article has loads of tweets from affected gamers - 45-90 hours per 10GB!

IRetrouk821d ago

My wife has waited just over a day for elder scrolls online, and its still not finished, 152mbps fibre.

Blues Cowboy821d ago

@IRetrouk: I feel you, that 15GB patch took the best part of a day and a half.

BitbyDeath821d ago

I agree, my internet is too slow for me to notice any difference in service.

NBN can't come soon enough.

ORyanDeee820d ago

yeah its pretty bad in Australia. Sometimes when its going really slow (sub 1mb/s) i pause the download for 10 seconds then resume and its goes at around 2 - 5mb/s

mcoupe_16v821d ago

Finally, ive been having this issue for more than a month fix that s......

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The story is too old to be commented.