Batman Arkham Knight for PC Pulled. Refunds offered.

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the biggest game releases of 2015. The game is a critical success, and is sure to be a commercial success as well when it’s all said and done. Unfortunately, the launch of the game hasn’t been the smoothest on PC, and while that is not an uncommon occurrence, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight is experiencing such major issues that Warner Bros. has decided to take rather drastic action.

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UKmilitia972d ago

crazy this because im finding it runs really really well on PS4.

Irishguy95972d ago

They skimped on the PC version. They did the right thing. This was a press disaster till now

Twignberries971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

Funny enough, it runs virtually flawless on my pc at 4k maxed, but I've been avoiding commenting on these threads in fear of rubbing it in :D

frelyler971d ago

@ twigsnberries

I call complete BS. Why would you lie, the game simply won't perform smoothly at any settings or resolution. Prove it and post video of the game running with an fps counter, otherwise your just pathetic.

UKmilitia971d ago

why have i got disagrees?
im stating my opinion from my time on the game lol.

full of idiots this site.

Ken85971d ago

Dunno why you got disagrees either. I'm playing on my Ps4 and its pretty much flawless. Especially compared to other recent open world games like AC Unity and Witcher.

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RPG1201972d ago

Why don't they test it better before releasing?

Oh. That's right; the money.

Testfire972d ago

From what I hear they are going to be losing money because not only do they have to refund the customer in full, but Valve will still be keeping their cut from WB for selling the game.

Erik7357972d ago

I bought this off greenman gaming for 28 bucks...could I get 60 dollars back?!?!

Peace_Love_and_FPS972d ago

Not sure what GMGs policy is for returns, but since it's a 3rd party service that gives you product keys you could be out of luck

Imalwaysright971d ago

I hope they do lose money in this process. That'll ensure that they won't try this sort of crap anytime soon.

freshslicepizza971d ago

not sure where you read that valve gets a cut even for refunds. mind showing us that information please?

some thought the new return policy on steam wasn't a very good idea. sure looks like it is now. i imagine it's a lot more difficult getting refunds for digital content on the consoles if the game runs like crap or the online is broken (halo collection, driveclub).

ginsunuva971d ago

So people can sabotage them by buying it on steam and refunding it, thereby making the publisher lose money and make lord gaben even richer?

freshslicepizza971d ago

"So people can sabotage them by buying it on steam and refunding it, thereby making the publisher lose money and make lord gaben even richer?"

steam will go after those who abuse the system. when you have a huge spike in returns as i imagine what happened here then there is obviously something wrong with the game.

you sound like people should not get their money back even though they pulled the game because of how bad of a port it was.

kevnb970d ago

i dont think thats how it works.

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ChrisW972d ago

I have a feeling the group of Devs who ported it to PC are going to be blacklisted from any future projects by WB Games.

Lon3wolf972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Most probably not as WB used them for PC Arkham Origins which also had issues at launch, thouhgt WB would of checked the release version of Knight after that before they it released but no.

MasterCornholio972d ago

So the Jokers last despicable act was to screw up the PC version of the game. I'm sure he's laughing at PC gamers from the grave.

Anyways its horrible that they treated the PC version this way. They shouldn't have released the game in this state and in my opinion it would have been better to delay it.

Ken85971d ago

Agreed with you until you said delayed. This game has already been delayed like twice, if they knew the PC version would have issues they had plenty of time to fix it.The problem is was shitty testing or lack thereof for the PC.

cpayne93970d ago

They should have put bigger priority on it.

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