Rush Plays Themselves on Rock Band

"In an utterly surreal moment backstage before their appearance at "The Colbert Report," legendary rock band Rush was invited to try their hand at Rock Band. Which song did they play you might ask? "Tom Sawyer" of course. So how did the men who wrote the actual song fare at pretending to play their song?"

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chasuk083792d ago

This really does prove that real instruments and rock band instruments are completely different.

ash_divine3792d ago

I'd be kind of embarassed. lol

but seriously though, being a musician and gamer this is something I
realized a long time ago.

Love playing guitar but I can't really play Music games(not nearly as well as my brother anyways.)

Nevers3792d ago

They put on a pretty good show and had a great interview on Colbert, but... the show cut to commercial in the middle of "Tom Sawyer". First time playing on American television in 30yrs... and they cut to commercials right in the middle... sad really.