Microsoft HoloLens hands-on: OMG it actually works | MMGN preview

Ben Salter of MMGN: I thought Microsoft’s mixed reality HoloLens headset wouldn’t work as advertised. Using a special camera to show what the rehearsed user was apparently seeing during the Xbox E3 briefing was just a little too convenient; and so far I hate VR.

Jiminy jillickers, Radioactive Man! I was wrong. It works as advertised, and this isn't really virtual reality.

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mantis_toboggan_phd905d ago

I cant wait to try this out it looks awesome. I hear a lot of people complaining about the FOV and i agree they need to make it bigger but what if they had some type of eye tracing software that made the FOV follow where ur wyes went that would be pretty cool.

WeAreLegion905d ago

How do you hate VR? It's freaking awesome. I'm excited about HoloLens, too, but hate VR?

Godmars290905d ago

If you don't like something, you hate it apparently.

While typically an empty label used on others, this guy's admitting that they're fickle.

Izzy408903d ago

Almost as much as the PS camera.

ScorpiusX905d ago

Bring it to market and take my money

Dark-Funeral905d ago (Edited 905d ago )



i will buy it.

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