Crytek Reveal Back to Dinosaur Island 2 Screenshots

Crytek’s interest in virtual reality (VR) development kicked-up a notch at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, earlier this month with the reveal of yet another technical demo. Back to Dinosaur Island 2 was a beautiful depiction of a prehistoric world, and Crytek have now revealed a small batch of screenshots for those not able to experience the demo themselves.

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Muerte24941150d ago

Why is this under Xbox One? I can understand Morpheus but Hololens? Oculous Rift and Vive are partnered with Xbox One for PC only. (streaming xbox one games to PC)

ThichQuangDuck1149d ago

Make Timesplitters Crytek JUST DO IT. Stop with gimmick games from Ryse to this to HOmefront 2 which no one wants. Make Timesplitters HD and Timesplitters 4 and you win. I give you my money. I buy limited edtion. I buy season pass even with a map editor