Microsoft: release these games to Xbox One first

MyGaming: "Microsoft’s backwards compatibility announcement back at E3 surprised many, including Sony.

Not only has it made our Xbox 360 library relevant again, but it has reinvigorated our love for a number of Xbox 360 games, games we now want to play again...

...Here’s a list of the six games we want on the Xbox One first."

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Orbilator1238d ago

I want remaster to not just last gen games

Testfire1237d ago

I've been having issues with a couple different websites. Someone broke the internet lol.

WeAreLegion1237d ago

Lol. I can only get on here via mobile. Desktop site is down.

Testfire1237d ago

Same here, for some reason their mobile site is ok.

SolidGear31237d ago

Maybe Microsoft should fix N4G before worrying about backwards compatibility :{