The Xbox One's $150 Elite controller may be the best controller ever created- Mashable

"When it comes to game controllers, Microsoft's Xbox One controller is easily the best one. It's so close to perfection that Oculus VR is bundling one with every consumer version of the Oculus Rift."

Mashable goes hands-on (literally) with the Xbox One Elite controller

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StrayaKNT1267d ago

It's a better version of the best controller ever created so no doubt it is by far the best controller ever created and that's why I pre ordered two. Can't wait!

Septic1267d ago

Pre-ordered two?! Damn. That's console money right there.

But I'm deffo buying this. Because I'm worth it. #loreal

TheRedButterfly1267d ago

I've been looking for an excuse to replace my Day One controller for quite a while, and the Elite is perfect for me. I was gonna jump on the upgraded controller with the 3.5mm jack, but I'll gladly wait until October to pick up this puppy. A brand-new controller to enjoy with the release of Halo 5? Couldn't ask for better timing.

Hell, the ascetics alone are enticing -- not even considering the higher build quality and additional features.

Volkama1267d ago

One for himself and one for when Phil Spencer accepts his Gears of War tea party invitation

bouzebbal1267d ago

it better be the best controller ever created for that price.

NukaCola1267d ago

Xbox Controller S is best MS made controller.

Kleptic1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

$300 for a pair of freaking controllers...w/e, i'm obviously getting too old for this hobby...

serious question, though...why is it that every time MS announces a new controller for their Xbox line its automatically the 'best ever made'?

The first Xbox controller was the 'best ever made', was updated in about 1.5 years...the new one was instantly the 'best ever made'...

the 360 controller was the 'best ever made', then there was a AA battery wireless one or something, which was also the 'best ever made'...then there was an Elite one, which to my knowledge was only painted differently, but was once again the 'best ever made'...

All while having laughably bad D-pads

then the xbox one came out...and it had the 'best ever made', controller they have an update to the 'best ever made' with a 3.5mm jack, right? But also, this $150 'Elite 2.0' controller being hailed as the 'best ever made'...

I'm lost...if they're so great, why are they always getting replaced and/or updated? This seems like a nice controller, i'm in the market for a good controller for my PC sometime soon...but i'm worried that if i buy the 'best ever made', in 6 months, something else will be the 'best ever made'...and i'm stuck, i guess...

Mainman1267d ago

I hope Sony will do something similar to this as well. Because I really want those extra buttons (paddles) in the back.

Sitdown1267d ago

How can you have and mention a PC but be clueless to the upgrade cycle of technology? Don't you anticipate the next version of something to be better than the previous? As technology advances, one expects it to enhance and upgrade on our experience. Improving on a great formula usually serves in keeping that item at the top of the mountain. Being the best control ever made doesn't mean it's flawless, just means it's the best of what's available.

Aery1267d ago

It's not the best controller ever and pay 150$ for an improved version of a good controller is pretty stupid.

In any case, it's your money, so enjoy your purchase.

Kleptic1267d ago


it was mostly sarcasm...and how fanatics used to praise any Xbox controller as unstoppable...which, ime with them, was never the case...

the point is...controllers are mostly subjective...I personally hate offset sticks, always, to me, no xbox controller has ever been the greatest controller of all time. Yet i would also never say a controller without offset sticks it the 'best ever made', either...

4Sh0w1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I dont really get your argument in either post....its the best ever made because xbox 360 controller was considered the best *console controller by many vs competing console controllers last gen(of course thats is an opinion, statements like this always are), refinements & improvements have just made the best controller better for X1, this Elite controller is just of higher quality material with added customization= the best controller ever made.

-Im sure theres NO way this guy opinion just bothers you so much because its different than your own. Of course not we know you are just here to help the misled xbox guys distinguish between fact & opinion= lol, if you're gonna be sarcastic at least keep it interesting.

DOMination-1266d ago

Wwll the x360 was the best controller ever made because it was up against the dualahock 3 which most neutrals would agree was terrible. And most ps fanboys admit it when they say how much of an improvement the DS4 is. I love both current gen controllers, Sony and MS did great jobs and this controller looks sweet but I'd never pay this much money for it

hahaha1266d ago


9x best ever made lol

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Blaze9291267d ago

*Troy Ave voice* dasa facto

jdaboss1267d ago

downvoted you for even mentioning troy

ninsigma1267d ago

No way in hell is the xb1 the best controller ever made. When it's less responsive as DS4 and has bigger dead zones, I cannot understand your statement. The elite controller on the other hand is a different kettle of fish and I really want that. Stupid high price tag!

asadachi1267d ago

You're right, so I don't understand the downvotes unless, of course, it's just the fanbase choosing their side without knowing otherwise. I have both systems, use both controllers, and the PS4 is far superior. Better response and better features and more comfortable.

tmh35931267d ago

Lmao more comfortable? Now I know you're full of it.

ThePope1267d ago

The PS4 controller is by far the best DS controller ever made. But it's still behind the X1 controller in build quality, stick control, battery life, and size(too wide).

I've talked to many people who prefer the PS4 and they have done things such as swap out the sticks on an DS controller with those of a X1 controller.

In terms of dead zones are you using the latest firmware?

BiggerBoss1267d ago

@tmh the DS4 is more comfortable in my opinion as well. While the XB1 pad is still very comfortable imo, it just doesnt fit in my hands quite as well as DS4.

ArrowofAres1267d ago

DS4 doesn't support a truly wired setup, more input lag, and is actually less responsive as has been verified by people who actually emulate mouse and kb with a device called the xim4. So yea the ds4 is superior in every way except those that matter when it comes to fps

4Sh0w1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

If you game mostly on ps4 you may prefer DS4 and vice versa, so its *personal preference but generally speaking Xbox 360/X1 controller is more widely preferred on pc, even branded pc/consoles like alienware come with xbox controllers, and more after market controllers mimic xbox controller= Xbox 360/X1 controller is most preferred.

Im no baller but I will be getting this Elite controller day 1.

pivotplease1267d ago

So many fanboys. It's always been subjective. It's like trying to define the best tennis racket. Everyone ha their own preference. I think if anything they've become more similar this generation and its really down to your take on the features, battery, and analog layout. And maybe visual aesthetics? They both look sweet imo.

AndrewLB1267d ago

Being a PC gamer, I'm not a fanboy of either console but I do use their gamepads for various emulators. The Xbox 360 controller was the clear winner from last generation. It's build quality, durability, and compatibility all were outstanding. I also own a DS3 and while I really like how the buttons were pressure sensitive (comes in handy in a few PSP games like Star Ocean), the rest of the controller was just straight bad.

As for the current gen controllers, I have to say straight away that the DS4 is the clear winner in the category of "most improved". Everything bad about the DS3 was revisited and improved a lot. What i don't like is the battery life, crappy peeling analog sticks, and it still doesn't feel as solid as it should be for that price tag. In overall build quality, i'd have to give the edge to the Xbone controller. It fits my hands better and I like the analog stick placement because it's just more comfortable.

As for this new elite controller... i'll consider it if they make a USB only version for say... $100. I'd rather put that money toward Track IR to be honest.

Yetter1266d ago

DS4 is the best dualshock, buts its far from the best controller

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joab7771267d ago

I actually like the DS4 better than the Xbone one, but this elite looks amazing and it's cheaper than scuff controllers.

MUGEN811267d ago

I've had a ps4 but the ds4 is no way better then the Xbox one controller. Looks and feels so damn cheap and battery sucks. Xbox one controller is and always will be better then the gaystation's ds4.

kraenk121267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

You pre-ordered two. You don't think anyone here believes that. You wouldn't be fanboying for XBox and hating on PS4 whereever you can if you could afford both consoles let alone two elite controllers

Zeref1267d ago

I'm a Microsoft fan. Even if i had all the money in the world i still wouldn't buy a PS4. Nintendo is an Exception though.

mozzie1267d ago

I got 5 xbox one controllers (the standard model but limited designs) because i can afford them. i'll get two elite controllers as well. just because i can.

FlexLuger1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )


I own the 'midnight forces' 'cover forces' and COD:AW edition controllers(came with my limited ed COD:AW XB1)

I also plan on getting the blue forza pad aswell as an elite controller. I am also debating whether to get a turtlebeach 500X or 420X. I know im not the only Xbox owner that spends that kind of money on peripherals..shoot..If I showed you how much stuff I bought via XBL, it would make your head spin. Xbox owners like to SPEND! lol. Just because you can buy two consoles dont mean you need two consoles, though. Sometimes you are just happy with the 'one'. Lots of PS4 owners around here who only have a PS4 or maybe a vita as well.

I gotta have more than one of anything though. thats why I also have a PS4 and a GREAT PC :). But my xbox is my main gaming machine.

rainslacker1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Well, from Aussie it's expected. He'd gladly drop $300 on a a couple controllers he has not used and has no clue if they are even worth it. I mean, most rational people would wait for some serious reviews and not rely on some first impressions from the press at E3.

Personally, I'd wait to read reviews from pro gamers or people who are used to using really high end controllers for competition or whatever.

Granted, I doubt he brought any. He just likes to praise everything MS, I think he just prefers to troll than to give MS some money.

Personally, if so many people think the X1 controller is the best one ever made, why are they clamoring to pick up one at three times the price? How would spending that much make you a better gamer?

Anynow, I'm sure they're good controllers, I mean, the included controller for either console seems to suit most people just fine, so one that is more responsive can't be all bad, and there are some nice features on the elite one. Whether that's worth $100 more than the standard controller is hard to determine.

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gangsta_red1267d ago

"I pre ordered two."

Damn Aussie, straight baller!

IamTylerDurden11267d ago

Ru for real? Two? You realize the 2 ridiculous controllers will not make you a better gamer. You realize the absurd money you spend on these might be the same amount as Project Morpheus? 300.

Does this expensive controller even have an internal li battery? I'm assuming they added a 3.5 jack.

I'll take 2 DS4's and have enough to buy Driveclub digitally and then with the left over money i'll buy a game this Friday during the flash sale - or i'll buy 1 xbone controller that allows me to swap button pieces..

I prefer the DS4 bc the shorter sticks feel 10x better than the long xbone sticks, xbones controller feels like playing on stilts, you no control. The bumpers are awful and hard to press on the xbone controller, xbone controller has a huge deadzone and i prefer the feel and shape of the DS4 , xbone controller is boxy with strange angles.

I also love the plethora of special features packed into the 59.99 DS4, the speaker is awesome and so immersive games like transistor. The touchpad is a lovely extra for a regular edition controller and has been fun in games like 2nd Son, but i can not wait to see what Mm do with it in Tearaway Unfolded. Convenient internal li battery, 3.5 jack since day1, the DS4 obliterates the xbone controller imo. It's about preference, to each their own.

Professor_K1267d ago

Why are you so offended? jesus christ XD

Kiwi661267d ago

What does it matter to you if he is getting two controllers its HIS money not yours yet you jump on him for it and then you go on a trolling rant about how you prefer the ds4 while trashing the xb1 controller

Sm00thop1267d ago

Get a grip, people can spend their money how they like. Xbox has the best controller by a mile, DS4 has crappy battery life, thumb sticks that fall apart and overall just cheaply made compared with the XB1 pad. Like you say its all preference, but I'm pretty sure the XB1 pad is far superior, still got my day one pad which has thousands of hours of gameplay.

NatFanBoyRestricted1267d ago

I'd rather be able to swap out batteries in less then 10 seconds, then plug in a play and charge kit when I sit about 15ft from my TV. Yes the bumpers aren't as good as the 360,and now it comes with the 3.5 jack. But what happens when the Li batteries go bad in that ds4? You state that the x1 controller is like a box with angles, I see and feel more curves. You sure you weren't holding a Ps4? If money is a problem fine, but it's your problem. The dead zone I see getting mentioned might be from latency from your cheap tv,since money's a problem. The elite controller will have two profiles, swappable sticks, and a app just to tune the sensitivity. Not to mention apps and games run simultaneously,so adjusting it and testing it in game is super easy. Also the paddles, this controllers cheaper then a scuf setup. You say its about preference, to each their own, but that's limited to ones knowledge.

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BoriboyShoGUN1267d ago

Damn people don't even wait and see reviews etc??? There is no way I would buy a 150$ controller without it it being in the hands of gamers for a while.
I didn't think the demand would be there for these but people are such gadget whores that they always feel they need the latest and greatest!

Sm00thop1267d ago

Most people will probably hold off until there are reviews like they say, I think people are just confident it'll be a great pad though because of how good the standard pad has been. The price is actually really good as well when you compare it to scuf pads. The controller is expensive, but it is marketed towards the pro gamers, if casual gamers also want one then its their decision and money. Either way its about choice and its great they're offering more quality products.

MrCrimson1267d ago

I like the controller, but the price is just stupid.

iliimaster1267d ago

evil controllers makes great custom mod controllers i got my gears 3 ultimate controller perfect active reloads on all guns plus rapid fire/custom sticks,led light for 180$ plus shipping and warranty. best controller I ever owned

dillydadally1267d ago

Anybody else think the xbox 360 controller was better? The Xbox One controller seems slightly too small and the sticks hurt my thumbs a bit. Maybe I just have big hands, but I really prefer the 360 controller.

pivotplease1267d ago

I think it was better for ergonomics but the x1 controller has some perks like the improved d-pad and new rumble and whatnot.

BoriboyShoGUN1267d ago

I think the DS4 is far better than the 360 controller. The 360 controller would just kill my hands after a few hours, but with the DS4 i've yet to feel any discomfort. I've held the Xbox One controller in stores and it seems ok, but I can't judge it without experiencing an extended gaming session with it.

karamsoul1267d ago

I too am interested to see if they improved the sticks on the Elite controller. The current Xbox One's sticks are just too loose for me, always making me over-aim in FPSes. The Xbox 360's rigid sticks felt just right.

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xPiffGaming1267d ago

lol the dual shock 4 is light years better than the Xbox one controller. Idk how people like this big ass pos. I think this new elite controller is absolute flames though. I want a ps4 version. The only drawback is it still uses batteries lmao. Why the Fuck wouldn't they make it wireles????? This is 2015 not 1995. And the price tag. There is no way I'd ever spend over 80$ on a controller let alone 150

OldDude1267d ago

I think you should swear a little more and get a little more worked up. I wouldn't want anyone to not see how intelligent you are, or biased.

LexHazard791267d ago

The controller is wireless!

ArrowofAres1265d ago

i suppose the ds4 runs on rainbows and pixy dust not a battery. O wait it has an internal battery that cant be replaced and last 5 hrs

carmelo431267d ago

how is it the best controller when clearly every dev says that ps4 controller is made for the players an is the best pc controller on the market

MEsoJD1267d ago

It maybe the best controller ever, but your still paying $150... lol you should re-evaluate your life if you fork over money for this thing.

rainslacker1267d ago

Doesn't matter if he wants to spend the money, which he isn't...he just says crap like this. I would happily spend good money on a good or special controller. I spent $130 on my fight stick for the PS3, and almost $200 for my wheel. That's for one genre of game each. I'm willing to spend $300-400 on a new wheel setup.

Granted, I probably wouldn't spend $150 on a standard controller because I like the base controllers just fine and never had a problem with them where i felt my experience was ruined because of their design. It all becomes second nature once you use any controller long enough.

Bolts1266d ago

You should reevaluate your life if you can't afford $150.

MEsoJD1266d ago

I love the insecurity. Where did I say I couldn't afford it?

iliimaster1267d ago

xbox 360 controller is legendary from the button style and color to the sticks and comfort even beats out gamecubes controller

LexHazard791267d ago had to get two huh? Enjoy them!

miyamoto1267d ago

I know what kind of people will buy this....

Tiqila1266d ago

best controller ever created is that of gamecube. period.

Magicite1263d ago

your either stupid or just telling nonsense, or both.

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Stringerbell1267d ago

By proxy this is quite possibly the ultimate controller for the PC. May pick one of these up for that.

Takwin1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Right now,my wife and I are both using a DS4 with InputMapper and it's great. We've hotkeyed swiping directions on the touchpad for M (map), C (character), L (log), and I (inventory). Works for tons of games.

I've used both and I love the DS4 over the Xbox One. PS4 is my first Playstation and I never thought I would get used tot the analog layout, it I prefer it by far now to the XBone.

I would rather see what the Steam controller is going to be like. As we want the $50 Steam Box for our living room.

Stringerbell1267d ago

I'm kind of in the same boat right now. I use my PS4 controller for my PC too. After years of manually mapping each indivual controller input - its literally a breeze using this.

cfc781267d ago

The Carlsberg of gaming pads,don't think i can deny myself one of these beauties any longer.

Immorals1267d ago

But carlsberg don't make anything good other than their adverts!