History Dictates That the NX Will Come in 2017

Mat @ AYMG: "Nintendo aren’t exactly a company who like to change they way they do things very often. This is particularly noticeable in the way that they announce and release their new systems.

Nintendo tends to do things in a certain order; a “soft reveal” where the company announces it’s working on a new system, a proper reveal where they announce the console properly and then a launch the following year."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Was wondering when someone would finally put up an article about this.
Lately it feels like the majority of the gaming public only pay attention to a detail like this when it's put up as an article title.XD

Anyways, that measures out to a 5 year cycle, which is just fine.
What I'm wondering is, how long will this one last?
They could possibly stretch it to 8 years if the tech is good enough...
My only hope is that Nintendo learned from the Wii U launch and will have big first party games on stand-by for the NX's launch.

They can't afford another console where they rely on third party ports to lead into their first year.
No one will buy a multiplat port on NX if it's already been released earlier on other consoles. Only first party games and exclusives can make the NX's launch count for something.
They need to work their ass off to cover their own butts this time, instead of relying on others that don't care as much about whether or not the NX sells well.

Sly-Lupin1146d ago

If Nintendo learns anything from the WiiU... or the Wii... or the Gamecube... or the N64, it should be that they NEED support from major third-party publishers. Desperately.

Neonridr1146d ago

yep totally agree. I hope they take a page out of Sony's book in regards to the PS4. Find out what developers want and need. Get them involved in helping shape the NX. Developers will appreciate that Nintendo is considering their input and in return will probably be more eager to work on that console moving forward.

wonderfulmonkeyman1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

They do.
But it has to be the right kind of support.

Relying on third parties that put out nothing but late ports, that have no fan base presence on the new console, then abandoning the console and refusing to add all the content to later ports when those early ports fail to sell...

Of all things, that's the one thing that will kill the NX.

We know that Zelda and others will be coming, so we can wait for those.
They're givens, and most are of a high quality.

But third parties aren't as reliable.

If all the NX's power is used for, is just ports of CoD Advanced Warfare, The Witcher 3, and other ports, it won't sell well.

It wouldn't be a lie to say third parties were the biggest cause behind killing the Wii U's early momentum, with their ports.
Nintendo cannot afford to repeat that mistake with third parties on the NX.
They have to get contracts for new, serious exclusives, like Sony did with Bloodborne.

If the big AAA's aren't willing to develop new experiences designed to draw people to this new console, then Nintendo will be better off contracting only those that are willing to do so.

The time where Nintendo can rely on third party ports to move any system, regardless of its power, is long dead.

N4g_null1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

I don't know. We didn't think nintendo was going to go mobile. Yet what if this is a new concept? We do know that the portable and console R and D has merged... what if the account system comes out and it transforms the wiiu and new 3ds into NX hardware....

The idea that the NX is a new console can get turned on it's head. Miyamoto also said the wiiu was upgradable. NERD in europe has been working on streaming tech. The wiiu game pad is using a form of stream tech already for the wireless signal to the pad and all of it's interaction. What happens if the NX is some type of booster local streaming tech for the wiiu and new3ds ?

The origninal ps3 cell idea had a similar idea. The main pitch was for sony to make the cell as an internet enabled chip. The more of these chips you had in your home the more power you would get from the cell. yet the local network speed where not fast enough. There was also some in fighting in old sony about the tech and it's cost. Ken was fired... The PS3 never got to see it's true potiential yet alot of cool stuff was made yay!

What if this is tech to stand on it's own and possibly absorb the current ideas and games. That is normally called backwards compatibility. Nintendo may launch this NX tech as a current addon at first some how. Then let the gamers decide how much they want to spend on hardware based on the types of games they want to play.

What is interesting is when you connect this whole thing to PC gaming. In the DENA slide they list the NX on the side of the wiiu and new 3ds. On it's corresponding side is a PC. iF we are in the pattern seeking business then you see a portable platform, cell phones and the mid range which is tablets, then PC. What If NX is some type of platform that lets you a use the power of your PC to free up the wiiu or 3ds if you have one or the NX is supposed to be used with the PC in some way to enable PC to play nintendo games?

I would love that option then the guys who want a cheap console can build themselves one and the guys who want a 4k beast can get one like my self.

How could a game possibly work on the wiiu and new 3ds and the nx pc hybrid? The same way feature sliders work in current pc hardware. As a developer you know what you can and can't enable or disable. Simply make presets for each console. This is already done for mobile games. This has been done for other PCs and video cards also. The core game is made then the extra feature or implemented and unlocked with the higher end platform.

wonderfulmonkeyman1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

To be fair, Nintendo is dabbling in mobile as a way of gaining extra cash with smaller non-console-quality games.
It's different from dropping consoles and putting older games like Pokemon Red on phones, like some people were saying Nintendo would do.
Anyways, there has already been a statement made that the NX will absorb the Wii U's architecture to a certain degree.
They said it won't be using the same exact thing as the Wii U, but given the quote, I think native BC with the Wii U is a safe assumption.
Whether it will be capable of doing some sort of major collaboration with the 3DS line is up in the air, though.

But I think that if they made the NX a console that could also directly upscale and play 3DS games, they'd have one hell of a good base to sell off of.
Hell, it might even be a perfect opportunity to unveil a completely new and far more powerful 3DS unit, made to match up with the NX for the sake of playing NX games on the go.

Although, I fully believe that they won't rely on streaming to the console for that detail. They'll want lag-less play of NX games after all.
Maybe some sort of program or pre-installed device could be put into the new handheld that would be able to transfer and store a single full NX game at a time on it, temporarily, and once you're done and back home you can take the progress you've made right back to the console version.
Hell, they could make a point of packaging in a transfer card in each NX game case to take advantage of that..
And if you order a digital version, they could just ship the transfer card to you.

That seems like more of a hassle than a program, though...

N4g_null1146d ago

Dude the gamepad is streaming from the wiiu now! No lag... you know this because you have one right? This is called local streaming. The wiiu is basically the first version of this tech used on consoles. it is very different from what sony tried to use with the vita and ps3/ps4, since it has not lag. The Wiiu can actually stream to more than two devices, its just they have limited ram for the framebuffer. That sram can only do so much. Streaming is just processing the game logic and frame inputs and sending back to the gamepad. This works so much better locally than it does over the internet where you connection can get throttled by your isp.

I'm not saying they will or they wont but they have already started the local streaming idea already. NFC has also been big to them. Nintendo wants to be playing with power yet wireless. They don't even want wired VR, the wii was the first step, then the 3d does 3d with out glasses, they fixed any flaws with the new 3ds. Now they have the wiiu which is basically a streamed window into the game that was made to try out streaming locally.

You really have to look past the internet to see this. These guys have no idea what nintendo has in their console tech future. I've been playing with nintendo hardware for a while under NDAs and i can only talk about this because i don't have a nx dev kit right now. Which also means the console is at least 3 years away unless it is PC hardware.

The truth of the matter is the wii made vr popular again because you didn't need vr headsets to use it. All the talk of toys and wii mote plus sucking was competitors trying to find away to get the cod players to like it.

Upscaling alone would alienate current wiiu gamers and also future purchasers don't want to pay more than $250 "for a nintendo game portal". So that would kill any idea of upscaling alone. So to upscale the wiiu you would need to add support for the amd fiji LOL. Amd new 3d stacked HBM gpu that has a water cooler for $350 by it self. These guys will want 4k also. I'm sure sony will shot for or at least advertise for that next console.

Nintendo needs some thing that their competitor is not going to do. They may not do the streaming idea but they got a ton of different ones they could use. From the NX being just software that can run on a PC, tablet, cell phone, wiiu, and new 3ds. to some type of streaming idea to the hybrid of a handheld and console in one, fusion one place to play them all.

Iwata also hinted in that faithfull presser that the NX could possibly come in many formats, shapes, form factors and power levels.

Also they need some thing that lets you play the past the way you want to play. They also need a way to play any game made across all platforms, which would kill any game drought and make all 3rd parties supporting the handheld platforms also console supporters, fixing the 3rd party problem. We all know they will not support the console for what ever reason but not many would pass up the chance to sell a game to the 3ds, new 3ds, wiiu, nx platforms combined user base. If they do then they seriously hate nintendo lol. Yet all the games I want on the wiiu that are on the new 3ds I can now make my own choice of where I want to play it.

When you go on eshop now notice how they don't seperate the 3ds from the wiiu games. That is some thing to think about.

Hey but this is all speculation. right now we both aren't right because nothing is final.

gangsta_red1146d ago

Nintendo is putting some effort into mobile because of the increasing numbers of mobile gaming happening in Japan and around the world.

The business of mobile is so big, especially in Japan that Nintendo can't ignore it any longer.

Big_Game_Hunters1146d ago

" Nintendo aren’t exactly a company who like to change they way they do things very often" You see thats the thing, They Need to change. There is no point in even talking about release dates because if they don't change then i won't even buy an NX until monolith soft's next game releases.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1146d ago

change isnt always a good thing

superchiller1146d ago

"History Dictates That the NX Will Come in 2017"

But reality dictates that it would be better if released in 2016. The Wii U is winding down, and Nintendo desperately needs a new product to bring in revenue. If they wait too long, it's just going to be more difficult for them to turn things around.

But it may be too late either way. If the NX isn't a solid, well-designed, non-gimmicky piece of hardware, it won't make any difference at all, in terms of Nintendo's future.

MSBAUSTX1146d ago

If it releases that early they will have essentially done to their customers what Sega did to theirs with the Saturn and then the Dreamcast as well. Sega burned their supporters and they paid the ultimate price for it. I love Nintendo games and I love my Wii U. But if they dont support it for the minimum 5 years that is expected these days, a vast majority of their supporters will dump them.

In turn a large portion of people who didnt buy a Wii U will see Nintendo as an unsafe investment and wont support the NX either. If the NX is a high powered machine the costs will be high. If they dont do it right and have great support they will loose tons of money. So really dumping the Wii U a year early is the worst possible thing they could do next year. It needs to go a full 5 years or they will be digging their own grave. They need to show they will take care of their customers, honor their commitment to their product and then in 2017 release a system that is more powerful than the XB1 and PS4 by almost 50 percent in order to keep its relevence through the next 5 year cycle.

Their only other option is to hold off on releasing hardware they are thinking of releasing until Sony and Microsoft are going to be releasing their next consoles and then release theirs along side them with very similar specs. This would be the only way to ensure that their console doesnt get left behind each generation due to the competition having better tech once their console releases. Whatever happens, this next console will decide the Future of Nintendo's relevence in the home console world.

marloc_x1146d ago

Desperately needs revenue?


..months ago ;)

With the way gaming development has been going, the HD twins will be SCRAMBLING for a "gimmicky" hook.

Say.. are you buying several Morpheus visors and Move controllers for couch co-op? Exciting stuff schiller!

Twill_1146d ago

They already are. They just aren't making it mandatory.

ZeekQuattro1146d ago

Someone who sees reason. I was beginning to think this site was only dedicated to trolling for a bit there.

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