I put Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to the test, but it tested me instead - MMGN

MMGN writes: I spent one hour playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at E3 2015, and I completely regret the way I approached the experience. I had admittedly fallen under series creator Hideo Kojima’s trance and his proclamation that his (supposedly) last Metal Gear outing was an open-world game. In many ways it is, but it took only a few minutes for me to realise how vague a term “open-world” really is. In the world of The Phantom Pain, it doesn’t mean getting into a hotted-up car and racing towards your next objective, hoping (or knowing) that the game would break off into a pre-determined chain of events. Rather, “open-world” in this dazzling Soviet-Afghan War-era landscape means “accountability”. It means you have more freedom in how you approach an objective, but with that enhanced power of choice comes an unprecedented level of liability. The Phantom Pain tested me, and I failed miserably in only a matter of minutes.

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