Gaming Age Review - Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Dustin Chadwell Writes:

"Obviously you know one thing about Guitar Hero: Aerosmith without ever having to read a review of the game: If you don't like Aerosmith, you're not going to dig this at all.

Personally, I like most of Aerosmith's library, and I remember songs like Livin' On The Edge being a big hit during my High School years, and they've definitely had a string of hits that have gone back thru quite a few more high school memories for other people. That said, even I think there's a bit too much of them featured in this Guitar Hero 3 expansion, with 3 songs per tier feeling a bit tired well before you hit the end of the game. Also, keep in mind that all the unlockable tracks are either Aerosmith or Joe Perry tunes, and there isn't a whole lot to keep non-fans interested."

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