Bethesda accepts 2240 bottle caps as payment for Fallout 4

MWEB GameZone writes: "Matt Grandstaff, Global Community Lead for Bethesda, notified GatorMacheteJrvia email that his bottle caps will be deposited at "The People's Bank of Point Lookout" and that he'll receive Fallout 4 in turn when it releases in November."

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plut0nash1269d ago

Awesome! Hope it's a once-off :P

HanCilliers1269d ago

Article talks about that..

Link2DaFutcha1269d ago

Yeah, because he was the first they'll honor it, but no more, so don't start sending bottlecaps, save them for later ;)

schmoe1269d ago

i told you that they would :-)

poppinslops1269d ago

Yeah, they'd have to be crazy to turn him down... who's to say his obsession ends at bottlecaps?

This guy could have a homemade Fat-Boy, for all we know... better to just give him what he wants.

showtimefolks1268d ago

Best comment ever lol can't stop laughing

SunnyZ1269d ago

Bethesda and this bloke have just won the internet.

Doing a lot better than poor Warner brothers who had their batman game pulled from steam...

Lon3wolf1269d ago

In fairness they pulled it themselves but for good reason and to stop all the refunds :D

MoeStedley1269d ago

"stop all the refunds" is the reason they pulled it. Steam gets to keep their portion of the returned software revenue so Rocksteady is losing millions of dollars in this process. This is the first AAA title to get skewered by the new Steam returns system. Hopefully this changes things for the better in the long run (less broken games released on PC). Tired of feeling like gaming's red headed step child!

rdgneoz31269d ago

More likely to stop all the bad reviews saying the game was broken. Not gonna sell a lot when you have people asking for refunds left and right, and 90% of the reviews say it's broken...

With it taken off, no more reviews. They'll let things settle down as they try to fix it and then do a big promotion when they actually rerelease it. Though "Fall 2015" is a bit crowded at the moment, so it might just end up dead in the water.

As for the article, very cool of Bethesda to accept the payment. Definitely looking forward to the game.

AliTheSnake11268d ago

This is the definition of a publicity stunt

ThatEnglishDude1269d ago

I anticipate many people now sending their bottle caps to Bethesda in the vain hope of a similar result.

Immorals1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Royal mail would charge me more to ship my collection than the damned game!

Neonridr1269d ago

wow.. wonder where he got all the caps from?

GryestOfBluSkies1269d ago

probably from drinking soda and beer

Neonridr1269d ago

lol.. I gathered that much. I simply meant how did he have 2200 bottle caps at his disposal.. I could probably find like 20 or 30 at my house if I really searched..

Rimeskeem1268d ago


If we did assumption math (not sure if that's a thing) we could figure it out like this:

Fallout 3 came out in 2008 (around the same date that Fallout 4 will release)

2008-2015 = 7 years = 2555 days.

If we assume this man drank a beer or something that had a cap on it everyday which certainly would be possible than he could have gathered all those battlecaps like that. where did the other 300 or so go? could have lost them, keeping track of 2200 bottlecaps can't be the easiest thing in the world.

Neonridr1265d ago

@Rime - lol, yet he would have had to keep these caps in hopes that one day he might have a use for them.

But I guess there are people out there with stranger collections..

coolbeans1268d ago

Source or I don't believe you.


Unarmed_Civilian1269d ago

Yes ...that's a mystery...i guess we will never know

Blink_441269d ago

He said it was from college.

Sketchy_Galore1269d ago

Well duh, clearly from selling Mole Rat meat to cafe owners.

scark921269d ago

He is smart and learned from Fallout, knowing if a Nuclear War ever came about, he would be financially sorted.

Dasteru1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

If the world ever gets messed up, the most valuable items will be distilled water, toilet paper & AA/AAA batteries (or their equivalent at the time). It is unlikely any form of actual currency will be used. Everything will be direct trades.

Dirtnapstor1268d ago

Add alcohol, cigs, Advil, and superglue to your list.

KwietStorm1268d ago

I believe he's been saving them since Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

Simco8761268d ago

Reddit post about this. His dad had been saving them for years, he has a basement bar.

Gh05t1268d ago

Lets see my old Frat had 9 people of age to drink... we drank probably on average of 3 beers a night so thats 27 caps a night would take less than one year of school to collect that many... we were filling up a full size trashcan. Especially when we threw a party and other joined in the collection. Its really not that unplausable to say it couldnt take someone with a few friends long to get that.

HanCilliers1268d ago

Said he saved many years. Who collects bottle caps? :S

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