12 Fantastic Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds We Gotta Have (And 2 That Can GTFO)

"What worlds will be in Kingdom Hearts III? We don’t know yet, but I sure know which ones would make me super pumped to jump in and play. Some of these are Pixar stuff, I know, and while they’re part of the same corporate blanket as Disney, I don’t know what their deal is with the Kingdom Hearts stuff. But hey, wishes are wishes, and I’ve wished (though admittedly, not upon a star) for these Kingdom Hearts III worlds (or are they calling it Kingdom Hearts 3?), complete with little bits of what each level might contain. I’ve also included a couple that I expressly would rather not visit." -PSLS

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knifefight1270d ago

Do you wanna kill a foe, man?

excaliburps1269d ago

I hope they include that asshat prince in Frozen and we get to kick his ass. :D

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WizzroSupreme1269d ago

I hope they don't have Olaf...

Deviwolf1269d ago

You can GTFO with Frozen and keep Marvel. Marvel>Frozen

ninsigma1269d ago

Not for a kingdom hearts game it's not. Keep marvel and star wars out of it. Just give me the Disney :D

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The story is too old to be commented.