TGR E3 Hands-On: Resistance 2 Multiplayer

TGR - "Given all the attention that fancy Killzone 2 was getting on the E3 show floor, Resistance 2's playable kiosk was looking a little bit lonely, and so we decided to head over and give it some love. Of course, our play session wasn't motivated out of complete pity. After all, the original Resistance was one of the only real quality offerings at the PS3's launch, and with 60 players online who wouldn't want to give its sequel a whirl?"

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predator3793d ago

i didn't like the first, no matter how much i tried i just couldn't get into it and its a shame that the sequel comes out in the same month as a certain Gears as all my time will be taken with that. I shall prob get this for crimbo or in the new year

cain1413793d ago

Once I get my PS3, this will be one of the first games I get.

Erasmus3793d ago

The first game was good, but I think it's percepted quality was heightened by the fact that there was literally nothing else at the PS3's launch. I did enjoy it, and am looking forward to the second, especially with what they're doing single player wise.