Xbox Chief Talks Backwards Compatibility, [email protected] and Gears of War's Multiplayer

Xboss Phil Spencer reveals that there are plans for [email protected] He also notes that backward-compatibility will have an impact on remasters and that it's a good thing as the focus should be on the new, not the old.

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DarkOcelet1271d ago

Wait, does that mean the Campaign might run 30fps? That would be weird. I really hope its 60fps and i am pretty sure the Xone should be able to handle it.

oSHINSAo1271d ago

There should be a law that prohibits developers to make Remasters/Remakes lower than 5 years old. IMO no Remakes of past-gen consoles.

You can play the original game for $200 dlls cheap (Console+game) What Happend with Gamers, 15 years back, PS was the Black Sheep, Nintendo was the King, and we love to play and still play great 16/32/64 bits games and we didn't claim for Remakes.