Phil Spencer: Halo: Reach Will Come to Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility before a Remake

Don't expect a remastering of Halo: Reach any time soon.

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gangsta_red1216d ago

Yea, no point in remastering titles when they can just have them with BC.

christocolus1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Agreed.I hope Halo wars is added to the list of upcoming BC titles.such an amazing game.

poppinslops1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

You can vote for the games you want BC for at you can also check to see which games are getting the most votes.

So far Red Dead is leading by miles, followed by the likes of Skyrim, Mass Effect 2/3, Halo: Reach, South Park, Alan Wake, the Fallouts, the Portals, the Bioshocks, the Assassin's Creeds, the CoDs, the Dead Spaces and the Batmans - basically every big franchise.

mikeslemonade1216d ago

Stale series, stale remake, and meh for the BC.

DragonbornZ1216d ago

I agree with you, but Halo feels so good at 60 fps.
If they add it to MCC for a good price i'd prolly get it.

green1216d ago

They said all first party published games will be available at launch.

Eonjay1216d ago

Its kinda late for that now. With 5 halo games already remastered. In which case I would say why not both?

Bigpappy1216d ago

This guy Phil Spenser is way more gamers centric than I expected. Exceeding expectations

1216d ago
dantesparda1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Why not have both? why does it have to be one or the other? If you want the remake with the higher res, possibly higher framerates and better graphics then you can get the remake. If you don't care for that then you can just stick with the original. Plus emulators aren't perfect and can (and often do) introduce all sorts of bugs and problems and certain things could just not work right and have degraded performance. So having both is the best option. Though honestly I don't care for backwards compatibility or remakes.


"OR, the emulator can work just fine and not introduce anything and the game that a lot of people have been playing for years can now be enjoyed the same way on their new system."

How naive. Yeah cuz the 360's emulator was so perfect and had every Xbox game ever made on it working flawlessly,....oh wait, it didn't. Come on, the likelyhood of a flawless emulator is very low, especially when we already know its got issues and just cuz they're saying that they are going to fix it doesn't mean its really going to get fixed. And what is your problem with having both?

gangsta_red1216d ago

OR, the emulator can work just fine and not introduce anything and the game that a lot of people have been playing for years can now be enjoyed the same way on their new system.

It may be good to have both but it's not necessary. Especially when one option of BC is just as good.

deadpoolio3161216d ago

Cause nobody with the intelligence of a 3 year old retarded monkey is willing to sacrifice sales of a remaster for BC....

Same with all the people voting for the Arkham games, Yeah um they are NOT going to be BC not when there is already a confirmed remastered collection coming out in like November.....

Any publisher with even the slightest thought of doing a remastered edition is not going to sign off on having their game be BC on the Xbox one and lose out on those potential sales

Blaze9291216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Yeah but they might as well just pull a ODST and add it to the MCC..MIGHT as welllll

Benchm4rk1216d ago

Sorry but id have to disagree. While having it playable through BC would be great i would much rather play through a remaster at 60fps. Even if they just port it over the same way they did ODST and charge $5 for it i would gladly pay for it.

Bigpappy1215d ago

when I start seeing $5 remasters or remakes, I will agree with you. But at this point I will not be buying and remasters or remakes of any games I have already played if they are more that $15. Not even Morrowind, as I can play that on PC right now if I wanted.

Benchm4rk1215d ago

If it was just a port like ODST I wouldn't expect to pay anymore then $10 for it. If it is a full remaster the same way Halo Anniversary or the upcoming Gears Ultimate Edition was I have no problem paying $40-$60 for it. But thats just me. I know alot of people dont feel the same way

Darkwatchman1216d ago

I disagree. I'd rather have a prettier, remastered version of a game than playing the game through backwards compatibility. When I get an Xbox One, I'd play the Mass Effect trilogy through BC, BUT I'd rather have the 3 games remastered in one neat package with all DLC. I would take the same great games with better graphics than the same game with the same graphics. For example. Would you rather play the original halo on your Xbox 360 via backwards compatibility or would you rather play Halo Anniversary????? I think the choice is obvious.

Professor_K1216d ago

Halo reach to get a Remake of its own? im not gonna lie getting sick of all these halo remasters but Reach was by far the best halo game IMO.

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TwoForce1216d ago

Halo Reach is the game that I can enjoy.

StrayaKNT1216d ago

I just want to play the first forza horizon through bc I hope they add it

DillyDilly1216d ago

I wonder what they will do about missing digital games not on the store ? Like if they add Mass Effect 2 & 3 compatibility. But those two are not on the store. Will they finally add them ?

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