Fallout 4 mods need Sony's approval before coming to PS4

The decision to put Fallout 4 mods on the Playststation 4 isn’t entirely up to Bethesda alone. Sony still has the final say in whether mods will be available to PS4 owners. Todd Howard recently restated the developer's hope to bring mods to all platforms but admitted that the call is ultimately up to Sony at this point and there as not yet been a definitive answer.

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joab777972d ago

If they are smart, this is a game changer. Eventually these will be coming to consoles, but I wasn't sure if it would be now or next gen.

I've said that there are 2 things that would help win this gen, mods and MOBAS (the right MOBA). There's no reason Sony can't hire a few ppl to work on MOD certification. It would be more than worth the investment.

Can you imagine if Sony announced that they would be allowing mods? Ot would be pandemonium.

dirkdady972d ago

Yea Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 had mod support. It was Microsoft that didn't allow that on Xbox. Im sure Sony wants it on ps4 and will probably get it a few days after Xbox one. Mods won't be out until sometime next year anyway.

LostDjinn972d ago

It's not a case of not allowing them. Sony, MS and even Nintendo aren't going to allow unsigned code on their systems. That could be catastophic. Imagine the lawsuits they'd open themselves up to. This just means they (the mods) have to be submitted to Sony to be "signed".

This is either a case of the author not having a clue what their talking about or an agenda driven piece. I wonder which. ;)

kratoz1209972d ago

We got mods for unreal tournament 3

TLG1991972d ago

I feel a petition coming on!

_-EDMIX-_972d ago

lolz. They likely will as Sony allowed for mods on UT3 so they are a bit more open to that concept.

I don't see it being a huge issue.

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gangsta_red972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

I don't see a reason why Sony wouldn't approve this. I wonder why Sony has been silent about this?

Aloy-Boyfriend972d ago

maybe it's not a good value


joab777972d ago

How do you mean? Of Sony hired a bunch of ppl to simply monitor and fast track mod certs, it would be a huge win.

Imagine being able to run the top 10 or 20 PC mods on for Fallout 4 on your PS4. Coders know the specs, and they would begin making mods for the PS4. It's great recognition etc. And it would actually sell a ton of consoles.

Viper7972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Consoles are closed hardware, which means you can't just install whatever you want to them or modify them as you please.

They tend to do this to protect consumers from themselves and retain some control over their system. Unfortunately this puts severe limitations to consoles which is why I find it really unlikely that Consoles will get "full" mod support anytime soon as some mods pretty much require the full access to game files (May break the game -> force re-install).

Apple does this with their iOS devices, which is part of the reason why many consider them easier to use but harder to customize.

Bizzare21972d ago

Sony: "It's not good value for the customer to have mods".

TLG1991972d ago

Surely that's up to the customer to decide, and from what i see its a land slide towards mods on console.

Seafort972d ago


It's MS and Sony's network infrastructure and if they feel some mods are a security risk they won't allow them.

You'll have no say on the matter. I thought console gamers knew this when they bought the systems.

Consoles are a closed platform so you do what the console makers say and like it.

BlackTar187972d ago


Console people do know this. I'm not sure why some people think they'll be getting insane mods like a PC. It just won't happen but rest assured at least a majority of console gamers are smart enough to know that mods will be limited and need approvals from the console makers to show up.

DillyDilly972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Sony - "If we can't make money off of it we won't allow it"

That would explain a few things

WeAreLegion972d ago

Oh, yeah. Totally. That's why they dropped their music app and use Spotify now.

psplova972d ago

I dig spotify. Good move imo..

aquamala972d ago

did you think Spotify didn't have to pay Sony?

BlackTar187972d ago


I bet you moaned all last gen about paying to play online and use apps behind a paywall.

WeAreLegion972d ago

I can't imagine they'd be too against it. They were fine with Unreal Tournament III's mods.

MasterCornholio972d ago

I'm pretty sure it will come sooner or later.

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