Final Fantasy VII: A great or terrible idea?

Ask anyone who has been playing video games for a while, what their favorite game is and you are all but guaranteed to get some kind of passionate response that likely includes a few games so good they just couldn’t pick one. Likewise, if you ask that person which game they would like to see remastered or remade, they’ll likely respond with that same list. When a full blown Final Fantasy VII remake was announced recently at E3, many people felt that one of their listed items was finally on the way. As great as it sounds, though, it may actually be a terrible idea.

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iTechHeads1271d ago

Trailer's got over 10 million views on Youtube. Call me crazy but I think this falls under "great".

Yukes1270d ago

No doubt the hype is there, and for good reason. I think what the article is essentially saying is that with such hype comes great potential for disappointment...especially as it sounds like they couldn't resist the urge to tinker!

Quickstrike1271d ago

As long as they don't do anything drastic like turning it into an action RPG, it will be great.

Honestly, the best thing they can do to please both Action RPG fans and the nostalgic fans that want the battle system to remain intact is to give an option for us to play it both ways (the FF VII port of the PC version doesn't count)

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MrsNesbitt1270d ago

I think it's great to reboot the classics!

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