Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan discusses Rare Replay, E3 2015 and more

ICXM interviews Craig Duncan of Rare Studios to discuss E3 2015, Rare Replay, Xbox One backwards compatibility and much more in this in-depth interview.

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oSHINSAo1001d ago

Congrats on Rare, the only Remake i wish is Jet Force Gemini, but while they are giving us original games, that will be great, and please, one product only, no DLC, finish the game, rest and then come up with fresh ideas.

mikeslemonade1001d ago

We wanted a new Banjo and not Sea of Theives. It's AAA and there's rare replay so I consider that half-way dropping the ball. Rare didn't give us what we wanted.

comebackkid98911001d ago

Yeah no one asked for a scurvy simulator.

mark_parch1001d ago

i didn't ask for it but i'm glad they did it looks freaking awsome

700p1001d ago

You complain about everything Microsoft dude.. lol

3-4-51001d ago

* Never got to play Banjo-Tooie or Jet Force Gemini so looking forward to those for sure.

Going to be nice to play some RC Pro Am again too, haven't done that in ages.

urwifeminder1001d ago

Way more interested in Sea of Thieves than the box set but may pick it up cheap.

lxeasy1001d ago

Can't wait to see more of sea of thieves. Game looks fun.

rawrock1001d ago

Really looking forward to Rare Replay...

lolosgolos1001d ago

Good on them for making this collection

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