E3 2015 – A bullet of your time, please; Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 would like a word | Entertainium

"Going in to see a Sniper game probably doesn’t sound too appealing to most players unfamiliar the series. Admitedly, I was also kind of skeptical about this appointment myself. But after sitting through a particularly harowing and well put together demo that was played to tactical perfection by one of, the members of IC Games’, I can’t shake the feeling that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is the game that will get me started in the series."

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annoyedgamer1186d ago

I want a gameplay video. Don't show your game off to the press behind closed doors and then ask us to buy your game.

bixxel1178d ago

I don't understand why they can't show a demo. It would make the game more popular.

riverside6661177d ago

I think is that they need to feed every reporters for now , then they will start to feed us. keep calm, and wait for Gameplay! :D

edureboucas1186d ago

That game is still very early into development, it's probably why they're keeping under wraps for now. It was a very good demo, though. I came out of it impressed.

bixxel1178d ago

So how good was it? From a scale of 1~10 what do you rate it?

edureboucas1178d ago

Well, if I had to put a score, probably an 8? I came in cold, no expectations at all. ;)

Aon1185d ago

I hope now CI Games will showed us more news about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. This game can be very interesting and I want to see gameplay. They interested me this information and I'm curious the new one.

Joher1179d ago

E3 it allways good term to promote the game. CI Games finally showed us something about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. Now after E3 in LA this game promises to be awesome game and the best one form this series. I will be wait for more information about it and maybe gameplay soon.

NativeBlood1177d ago

It's great they show something about SGW3 from time to time. Because waiting 'til next year is already very hard so please, please, please, gimme more!