PS Vita Passes 4,000,000 Units Sold to Customers in Japan

While the PS Vita isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes in the west, it’s definitely moving rather well in its Japanese home turf.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081189d ago

Sucks that the vita isn't selling great like it is in japan. :(

Abriael1189d ago

Well, the PSP didn't sell well in the west as well. That didn't prevent it from having great games and a successor :D

Snookies121189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

It's probably doing so great over there because of all the games that are getting released. Seriously, we don't even have half the games that they do over there for Vita. :\

Nonscpo1189d ago

Support your local localization companies and they might just take more risks on their acquisitions ;)

Hold_It1189d ago

Well sadly we don't have half of those great Japanese exclusives. If we had Monster Hunter, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Phantasy Star Online 2, and the new PSO game, with memory card price drops we might be going somewhere.

Magicite1189d ago

Lets hope Sony gonna keep producing it for years to come.

HentaiMasterRace1189d ago

And apparently Spain too, lol.

3-4-51189d ago

* Game variety is the Vita's problem.

That + memory card are really the main issues.

It has games, but not enough they appeal to a wide variety of people.

If you want millions in sales, you can't JUST make senren kagura boobie games..

You won't sell millions that way.

You need a few sports games and random generic games that most people will like.

* Vita needs more RPG's like Legend of Heroes: Gagharv trilogy, more games like Spyro & Ratchet, more racing and sports games.

That is how you boost the sales by getting the slightly less "hardcore" people to buy in.

They are the ones who help boost sales of the "hardcore" games buy getting them to impulse buy it.

* You can't survive on 10% of your PSP fanbase, which is exactly what Vita games were catered to.

* If 100 people exist, they made most of the Vita games for only 10 of those people.

The other 90 are like " uhhhh but where are the games I like ? "

^ THAT is why the Vita failed.

I still love my Vita though, and it will go great with my PS4 whenever I get one, but the system as a whole...the vita, is not it's own fault.

It's the lack of compelling games to play.

nodim1188d ago

you never get tired from posting the same things over and over, do you.

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vikingland11189d ago

About time we get some positve news on the Vita.

TheDreamCorridor1189d ago

I'm waiting for a Souls game on PS Vita.

Hanso1189d ago

Salt & Sanctuary
Google it ;)

Travis37081189d ago

We need a sonic game on Vita! That would be great!

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The story is too old to be commented.