Shacknews | Batman: Arkham Knight Review: Not The Hero that Gotham Deserves

Rocksteady’s latest bout in the Batman series is a final farewell to the caped crusader. Is Batman the hero that Gotham Deserves? Or does the newest Dark Knight adventure fall short?

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DDDGirlGamer851268d ago

Wow that's disappointing...

joab7771268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I'm not sure. Usually I would say it is for sure. Wait for the 9's and 10's and then drop a 7 and see your cluck count skyrocket. It may still be b/c nothing he writes justifies a 7...more like an 8 or 8.5.

I would give it a 9 or 9.25. I do agree that it seemed to lack something big for a next gen finale. But that's only b/c my expectations are so high. The batmobile does go against everything the game is, taking options from you instead of giving you an additional option. But it's cool for sure.

It's almost like it suffers from its own greatness. The last 2 Rocksteady entries were so good, that this one seems almost too familiar, which is great, but also makes it hard to wow you.

For me it's still BB and TW3 as best of far. TW3 is an absurdly impressive game, one of the best rpgs ever made. But there's something about BB that hooked me instantly. Can't complain.

moegooner881268d ago

Just checked their old reviews, and wow you weren't kidding.

Lamboomington1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

"It's a clickbait site"

So every review less than an 8 or 9 is clickbaiting ? As we all know, any review that's unpopular always gets called out by n4g comments as "clickbaiting"

Now, hypothetically speaking, if I were a journalist and had a 7/10 experience, and I was just putting up my honest opinion. A 7/10 on a game that's popular for others. What would I have to do to not get called out for clickbaiting ? Or are you suggesting it's impossible that I had a 7/10 experience personally ? Just some food for thought

Basically what you're implying is that it's impossible/implausible for the author to have a less than stellar experience with the game ? And hence the article must be clickbaiting. Wow, that is... dumb. Lol

"clickbaiting" "trying to be different" "bashing the game"

Or, maybe, there's the slightest chance that, you know, it's an honest opinion. because reviews are very subjective, and opinions do tend to vary. I know ! Crazy, right ??!

Have you ever thought of that ? No ? Shame. It's incredibly basic logical reasoning.

tucky1268d ago

Personaly, I'm bored by the game. I expected a lot more from rocksteady

StrayaKNT1268d ago

The city looks absolutely beautiful I wouldn't go as far as a 7 though I'd give it a 8.5 imo game is really solid

oIITSBIIo1267d ago

Played 42% of the game so far, easy 10/10 if they can fix the performance, the game is better than AA and AC in every term.

goldwyncq1267d ago

5 hours so far and I'm loving it.

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