Amazon Selling PS Vita For $169.99

The hand-held console's price has been cut by $30.00 by the online retailer

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generalwinter818d ago

You have to wonder if this is them trying to get rid of the stock in anticipation of its end

MRBIGCAT818d ago

great price but that sucker is on the way out!

blackblades818d ago

Na I think you're on your way out for saying that.

generalwinter818d ago

Have you seen the sales figures lately?

MercilessDMercer818d ago

Is there a 168.99 discount that I can get? Otherwise...

danny818818d ago

isn't this how much it usually sell for?

JoeDaniel818d ago

yep people don't pay much attention, the normal price is $199 but it's been $169 on Amazon for months lol

killerluffy123818d ago

who the hell pay attention to this since Sony themselves doesn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.