Why Fallout 4 Will Be This Years Game Of The Year

With many possible contenders for 2015 already like Bloodborne, Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight along with upcoming games like Battlefront and Metal Gear Solid V along with many others, Fallout 4 stands as one of the big name game series that people are sure will take the cake. No stranger to the Game Of The Year title, Fallout 4 is the long awaited continuation of the beloved Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas game titles.

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Grap1266d ago

Gaming Journalism at it lowest(If there's such thing), Why not play it first then Call it what you like. I love Fallout series but calling it GOTY with only 10 minutes gameplay is Just plain stupid.

joab7771266d ago

It most likely will be. I do think TW3 will get alot of attention, simply b/c of its world and especially it's questing and storytelling. MGS5 will be looked at also.

But the idea of crafting and base building is gonna be enough, in addition to the fps combat and huge open world.

mikeslemonade1266d ago

Bloodborne should win this year because it is the best execution and polished video game. And it was lengthy.

BiggCMan1266d ago

When you have trusted developers like Bethesda, Naughty Dog, Rocksteady, CD Projekt, and Kojima etc. I think it is a fair thing to say certain games will be amazing even if we just know they exist. Some developers deserve that type of recognition.

And this year I think Fallout 4 is not the single game that will sweep with awards like The Last of Us did in 2013. We have a Metal Gear coming out, and those games are world renowned. Witcher 3 turned out to be an incredible game.

Batman is here to stay, and then Bloodborne was really loved by everyone. It will be an even playing field this year when it comes to awards. All 5 of these games are going to be remembered as some of the best of the 8th generation, years down the line.

Gamehard1266d ago

I wouldn't exactly call Bethesda a trusted developer... Sure they're games are huge but they also have more bugs than pretty much every other game released in the same year combined when launched. I'm hoping they learn from past mistakes and release a finished product, but so many fanboys give bethesda a free pass just because they make their favorite series.

Grap1266d ago

Rocksteady as trusted developers good one there lol.

JamesBroski1266d ago

As much as I love MGS, I don't even think it stands a chance against Fallout 4.

JamesBroski1266d ago


With a game the size of the ones Bethesda make it's impossible not to have bugs. Todd said himself that he has more than 400 hours in Fallout 4 and he's still discovering stuff he haven't even seen before. And he's fucking developing it.

If you're referring to the PS3 version of Skyrim, not really the fault of Bethesda considering how hard and awkward the console is to develop games on it.

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Blasphemy1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

it will have a hard time beating mgs V.

umair_s511266d ago

yup, thats the one to watch this year

3-4-51266d ago

Stop calling out what things will be before they happen.

* How do you know one game you've never played, will be better than other games you've never played ?

Not Smart Logic.

yellowgerbil1266d ago

who said I've never played Fallout 4. I'm from the future, Fallout 4 ends up being the pinnacle of gaming, never topped. Society collapses because it served its purpose but at least the perfect game gets made, so good trade off.

Blasphemy1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

because of the footage i have seen from metal gear solid 5 and how awesome all the past games have been. has there every been a bad metal gear solid game? metal gear solid 4 was the best game i have ever played.

Magicite1266d ago

It will be tough battle between MGS5, Witcher3 and Fallout4. Open world greatness!

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Rookie_Monster1266d ago

No doubt. Only witcher 3 stand a chance.

BiggCMan1266d ago This year will definitely see awards go to Metal Gear Solid V, Fallout 4, Witcher 3, Batman and Bloodborne. All of them will be equal candidates for Game of the Year and other awards.

SlightlyRetarted1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I liked Bloodborne more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Witcher 3 is still a god damn great game!

Blasphemy1266d ago

from what i have played of the witcher 3 i would agree!

REDDURT1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I don't see how it's different from the last few.this game is noisy hype and underserved so far.

BiggCMan1266d ago

When a formula works so incredibly well, do we want it to change? I think most are fine with the formula and don't want those core parts changed. They are just better and refined in Fallout 4. And of course, a new world, bigger, more dense world etc. And the the biggest addition of course, is the building and crafting mechanics. I don't really care for that, but that is HUGE for this game. People love that stuff, and they know what people want. I think you are just upset :)

REDDURT1266d ago

Don't get me wrong I like fallout but it looks like more of the same.

yellowgerbil1266d ago

long ago someone got a great pizza, he responded "It looks like more of the same" they took it back and gave him a cazone.
Don't be that guy.

Summons751266d ago

It's got potential with the layers of options but we will see :)

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