ARK: Survival Evolved dev offering $100 bounty for bugs

Kotaku reports on a bug bounty program instituted by the developer of Ark: Survival Evolved, offering $100 for confirmed exploits discovered by players.

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Feralkitsune1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Title is misleading. This is for hacks. NOT BUGS. It's for finding hacks for the game that people have made so they can use them to patch their game to block hackers.

Article title here is different than the actual site. The Credit URL's author is also bad at reading as it has the same title as this post.

Dlacy13g1124d ago

I am going to stab a guess MS will try and get this into their early access program for the console version.

Seafort1124d ago

Good luck to them. It won't run on Xbox as it only just runs well on high end PCs. I struggle running the game at 15-20 fps on my mid range PC.

The game has quite poor optimisation atm but is getting better as more updates come out.

Dlacy13g1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I only stated that because they already announced the game for both the PS4 and Xbox One... just seems like a game that would be prime for their new program.

theContortionist1124d ago

i have a old pc(need to build a new one): quad core 2.66 8gb ram gtx 560 1gb and it runs ok on medium to low, but i can't play battlefield 4 for shit. My xbox one plays like a champ and overall has better specs, so i think xbox one will have no issue playing this, might not be at max settings but no problem.

iceman061123d ago

I've seen people, even on high end PC (mostly on Twitch), still struggling to play the game. The patches have helped, but there are still times where there are huge lag spikes and outright crashes. But the devs, who are usually in some of those channels, take great notes and give instant response as to what they are doing or IF they even know about those situations.

Seafort1123d ago

The people voting me down have no idea what the game is like to play atm.

This isn't a game in beta but in alpha so there's memory leaks, poor optimisations and bugs galore.

The Xbox will struggle to play this game and I don't think Microsoft should want ARK in the Xbox Preview program till it's in better shape.

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oasdada1124d ago

Guess im a bounty hunter now!

Perjoss1124d ago

I have to say these guys are on it with the patches, there has pretty much been a patch every day (sometimes more than once a day) since it launched into early access. This is how early access should be done, not release a half finished game and then go totally silent for 6+ months.

iceman061123d ago

As I said above, the devs have been really, really involved with the streaming community. They go to popular channels and sit for hours on end answering questions, providing information and hints, even playing the game with some of them. Plus, pumping out endless patches. I wish more devs could or would provide this type of support.

Koopdogg1121d ago

Yup indeed ,have been really impressed by the devs and their work rate bringing out patches.