Hooked Gamers: Civilization Revolution DS Review

Civilization Revolution gives DS gamers a chance to build a nation from humble beginnings to one that 'Stands the Test of Time'. The game is a turn-based strategy, for those unfamiliar with the Civilization series, which is a rare breed on the DS – probably due to the time constraints generally associated with TBS. In this portable version of the game, there are a number of game styles available for the gamer. The Random Map would probably be the first choice for new Civilization gamers.

In the Random Map game, the gamer starts on a randomly generated map with which to build their chosen civilization (of which there are 16 civilizations to choose from, including Egyptian, American, Roman and Mongol). Of course, there are other nations that have the same idea, and the aim of the game is to rule the world. Victory can be achieved in four ways – Economic, Domination, Cultural or Space Race.

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