Some People Started Singing: Takeaways from E3 2015

We don’t have to keep singing the same songs forever just because. Or because we rarely sing others, and few of us want to, or know quite how.

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DigitalRaptor1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

I think every E3 conference was great to incredible, except Nintendo's, which was a travesty.

However, you can tell which company has won E3, by the reactions.

If you have people cheering, screaming, whooping, jumping for joy and even crying, then I believe you've announced things that are way more than just significant, shocking and are a downright relief to see. Sony had 3 announcements of that calibre that represented the deep desire based on years of hope and fear that they may never get the chance to play these games ever, and despite how shocking this trio of eternally memorable announcements were, Sony brought more. They brought the most impressive exclusive game on any console, in Horizon Zero Dawn. They had the most thrilling and technically impressive demos, with Uncharted 4 in particular closing the show with a bang, compared to Microsoft's underwhelming, run-of-the-mill gameplay demos for their biggest upcoming games.

Additionally, if you look at the most-watched videos and you can already tell which announcements were the most affecting and memorable.

The Last Guardian was just a joy to see running on new hardware and maintaining the vision first witnessed 7 years ago. The almost perfect combination of the best elements of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus makes this a preliminary masterpiece. The success of that game is how it affects fans on the same level of their previous works of epic minimalism. I find it hard to believe that TLG trailer has just as many YouTube views as the Halo 5 E3 trailer, but..... it does. I hope it surpasses our expectations.

playtimewilltell1149d ago

Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

Careful with that "preliminary" business though. TLG could end up being a disaster, or at the least a disappointment. I have faith in it, but I am also still deeply worried, as I expressed in the post. I'm actually going to write a full piece on why that is, as the 4 or so paragraphs I dedicated to the game in this one simply aren't enough. TLG has been and is possibly in one of the most precarious positions of any game of its caliber, and given the legacy of its director, at least in recent memory. It has more hurdles before it than most other AAA titles would dare fathom, and there are quite a few reasons to think it still has yet to vault over and beyond them, which I hope to outline in my piece on it.

Anyway, the most important thing for us to do is keep talking about it, and perhaps the discussion around this game will be a productive one that someone at Sony or its dev team will recognize as worth listening in on.