Disney Infinity 3.0 E3 Artwork and Figure Prototypes Show Why the Franchise is a Collectible Hit

EB: It’s impossible to deny the charm that these figures exude, which I found out first hand while touring the Disney Infinity booth at E3, thanks to its massive collection of production art assets and figure mock ups that were used to design the final line of Star Wars figures for DI 3.0. The concept sketches themselves could be sold as works of art, at least to someone like me that loves stylized sketches of some of the galaxy’s most iconic sci-fi characters such as Darth Vader, Yoda, Han, Chewie, and the rest of the Star Wars gang.

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Yi-Long1032d ago

I'm not interested in the game (at all), but TBH I've always admired the design of these characters (they all seem to fit well together, even though they come from such different origins), so I've been thinking about collecting them for a while now.

Occasionally there's a 2=1 deal here in Holland, so perhaps next time I'll buy 20 or 30 of them or something...