Why Backwards Compatibility Isn't That Necessary

Currently, if you’re an Xbox preview member, you can start trying out the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility. We’ve all heard of this and the fact that Microsoft announced backwards compatibility for the Xbox One, which will support around 100 Xbox 360 games (it starts at the end of the year, 2 years too late guys…). This is great and all, but it isn’t necessary, or even any kind of a requirement for the vast majority of gamers. Consider this last sentence a trigger warning for some of you.

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N0TaB0T1272d ago

Why is having access to more games bad?

NatureOfLogic_1272d ago

It's not bad, just over hyped.

Unreal011272d ago

This ^

Xbox fans moaning about Sony fans downplaying the feature, Sony fans moaning about Xbox fans completely over hyping it.

Backwards compatibility is a good feature. Game changer? Not at all. Just a good feature.

Professor_K1272d ago

like uncharted and horizon right?

let people hype what they want

Vegamyster1271d ago

I disagree, i game primarily on a PC and every large Steam sale i always find a game i missed the first time around that i want to give a try, Xone's BC is different since not every game is supported and its emulated but it's still a great option to have.

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marlinfan101271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

What do you or anyone else care what people hype up? It's pretty sad when you guys feel the need to downplay something because someone might be excited about it

ShinMaster1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

BC is great.
But it's overhyped in that Xbox fanboys keep bringing it up as if it was a new game to downplay the game announcements from Sony's conference.
Expected consequences.

@ Dr_K

Uncharted 4 and Horizon are new GAMES.
Backwards compatibility is a feature.

NatFanBoyRestricted1271d ago

Shinmaster,there will always be new games. Always, get over it, but getting hardware to do different things then intended is different. Allot of playstations player base on this site will downplay the shit outta BC because it's related to Xbox. There's more Ps people here then Xbox people. The more people try to downplay something small, simple, and free is just starting to look stupid know. Even over hyping it. This community is something else

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Raf1k11271d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I saw on the MS conference it seemed that BC on the Xbox One was for digital games so discs won't work.

MSpence5161271d ago

Disc games do work. The One installs the game in order to run the emulator. Whether you need the disc after the initial install, I don't know, but would assume so.

rainslacker1271d ago

For supported games, when you insert the disc, it will download the digital version from XBL.

You'll still need the disc in the drive for authentication purposes. If you brought the game digitally though it should work the same as on the 360.

Vystrel1271d ago

I was hoping disc games would only be a local install but youll need to download the entire digital version and leave the disc in. Other than my slow internet and need for a large external drive I am still looking forward to it.

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Sly-Lupin1271d ago

Because of idiot fanboys who will bend over backwards to defend the worst kind of nonsense.

I particularly enjoy the nonsensical argument that, "X is irrelevant, because I don't like X."

See it from idiots all the ****ing time; and it feels like there are more and more idiots in the gaming community now than ever before.

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Neonridr1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Of course it isn't necessary. But it is a welcome addition.

If I surveyed a bunch of PS4 gamers and asked if they would rather have a PS4 or a PS4 that played PS3 games, what do you think the voting results would be? Are you telling me that everyone would be like.. "Oh I bought a PS4 to play PS4 games, I never want to revisit any old games on this new console ever again"..


I can't understand why so many people are trying their darndest to put this thing down. Nintendo has always been praised at their ability to offer backwards compatibility with their previous systems. It's not required no, but some people spend a lot on their game collection, and it's nice to not have to keep multiple consoles hooked up to the TV just so that if you can revisit an older game.

People say that this feature would have only been beneficial at the launch of the console. Consider for a moment that there are still a lot of people that haven't jumped on the next gen train. Last I checked there were over 150 million combined consoles sold from Microsoft and Sony during the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. Last I checked there was only about 35 million or so PS4 and Xbox One owners..

That means there are millions of people that have not made the transition yet. This feature could be something as a bonus to entice 360 owners to ditch that console and make the upgrade.

Now we know that not all titles will be supported so it's not like Nintendo's backwards compatibility, but you can guarantee that any first and second party titles will work along with select third party games so there's a good chance a chunk of their library will be supported eventually.

LifeInNZ1271d ago

The first line of defense (or attack) when a competitor offers something you don't is to downplay it. However, the only way BC should be seen as a bad thing is if they had to take away other features to make it happen.

I've yet to see a single argument that makes me think BC is a bad idea/feature.

MysticStrummer1271d ago

"I've yet to see a single argument that makes me think BC is a bad idea/feature."

I've yet to see anyone claim it's a bad idea/feature, just that it's overrated as a system seller or E3 conference winner.

WelkinCole1271d ago

Off course many PS4 gamers would want BC for PS3 if it was an option. But for an added cost most likely all of them would say no.

Its a nice feature but it is not the second coming of Christ like many xbox gamers are claiming.

35 million in the first two years are generally the hard core gamers with a collection. Not the casuals that jump in later that generally don' have much of a collection to begin with.

Even then, most of them will jump in when there is already a back log of current gen games that many would prefer to play than replay any old games they might still have.

Its really is in the early days of a new gen that BC would matter a bit because there are still great previous gen games release with little to no new current games available.

Some xbox fans are expecting BC to turn the tide but they are solely mistaken. Just like they were with more markets for x1 or DX12 etc.

Neonridr1271d ago

you said it there though, you would want it, but not for an added cost.

which is exactly what MS delivered.

NatFanBoyRestricted1271d ago

Welkin, where exactly are the Xbox gamers claiming this to be as big as you describe?

WelkinCole1270d ago

Neodir. The point is it is not a must have feature that PS fans would pay for.

Yes x1 fans will not pay for it and that's why it was a great feature when announced. However it is clear you and I both agree it is not going to win MS the console.

@macxb1. Go into any Who won E3 articles and you will find plent of them there.

rainslacker1271d ago

I'm sure a majority would say they wanted the feature. Particularly if it were at no added cost and if it didn't take away anything from available resources and all that.

If they had to pay for it though, I think the number would go down significantly.

But, I have seen plenty of people say that they buy a current gen console to play current gen games, and that they don't care about BC. This has been said countless times before there was BC on either console.

Sly-Lupin1271d ago

Forget PS3 b/c for a moment.

What about PS1 and PS2 b/c?
There's ZERO excuse for its absence from the PS4.

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