First Look: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

There are few developers who's focus is to create an experience rather than a game. Yet, the Chinese Room's latest title, a sequel to the surprise hit Dear Esther, aims to do just that.

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nucky641268d ago

experience or game or however people want to label it....i'll be playing on august 11.

RpgSama1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Nothing to see here people, Ps4 has no games, please move along.

/S (Sarcasm)

P.s: Want this game SO MUCH!!!

jamstorr861268d ago

I think a new genre would be suitable for this type of game. Dear Esther didn't really come across as a game either. Interactive stories is probably a suitable way of describing them

DigitalRaptor1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I can agree with the "interactive story" label, but then again I disagree because it is a game, at least to my gamer sensibilities.

EGTTR has the structure of an open-world adventure game. You wander the environment to become engrossed in its atmosphere, you continue looking for clues to piece together the story by items you can pick up in the environment, stories told by fragments of audio/visuals, and interaction with the environment. In essence it's a puzzle game, in which the puzzle is the story, the pieces are how far you invest yourself in the whole experience, and the endgame satisfaction is figuring out what the heck went on in this intriguing little English village in the run up to the end of the world.

I'll look at the "if it's not a game, then what is it?" criticism and just use Journey as an example as to why it doesn't really matter whether people think of it as a "game" or not, but whether or not it moved you. To me, this is Dear Esther dialled up to 11, and I'll be there on day one.

_-EDMIX-_1267d ago

Agreed with D-Raptor. Consider Myst is a game of the same genre so I don't know this whole "new genre" thing lol. I got what Dear Esther and Everyone's Gone To The Rapture was about pretty quickly as Steam has a bunch of games like that (PC in general). I would say if anything its new to consoles, but to gaming in general its pretty common place.

NerveGearneeded1267d ago

forgot about this game, saw it at e3 last year and it looked mysterious.

Viper71267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I always get excited when I read like 3/5 of the games title. Then I realize this is not Everybody's Golf (Hot Shots golf for NA).