Sidekick Phone and Sony PSP Slim in one gadget

Product Reviews Writes: "First we had the Sony PSP then came the slimmed down version with a more sleek design. What happens if we combine the PSP slim with a Sidekick mobile phone?

Samuel Lau has designed a concept gadget that includes the features of both these devices. We love looking at concept gadgets and the main reason for this is the ability to do almost anything you can dream about.

The so called 3rd generation Sony PSP includes: a slide-up QWERTY keyboard, a full frontal webcam, another 3.2 megapixel cam around the back, geo-tracking, a touch screen and motion sensors."

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DA_SHREDDER3795d ago

Thats all we want.. Is that too much to ask?

Max Power3795d ago

a second analog stick then we'll talk.

CrazedFiend3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

There. How's that?

Can we talk now???

Edit: Damn! Where's my picture???
Ok, guess we'll talk later...

The Mikester3795d ago

Your right a second analog stick would be perfect and then it will become the ultimate PSP. I like how it's both a phone and a game system. So a thing like that would be perfect for gamers.

LevDog3795d ago

That is actually pretty smart.. Add a second analog and its perfect.. but what they should do is.. Make it an open Phone so you can have any provider for it.. Then you could access online all them time (if you pay for it)... then I can always access my vid camera from anywhere

Wii60Fan3795d ago

It looks like a redesigned Sony Mylo with PSP funcationality

xplosneer3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

That looked pretty slick. But idk, the PSP is a bit big as a phone. and it needs good battery life too.

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The story is too old to be commented.