Xbox One in Japan: Why Bother?

In light of new lows for the Xbox One in Japan, GGG asks whether Microsoft should keep trying to win Japanese fans over or just pull out of the region.

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Septic820d ago

I really don't know why they bother but hey, kudos to them for trying...or appearing to try. I dunno. I just want some good jrpgs on x1.

christocolus820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

I hope we get some good rpgs from mistwalker. Sakaguchi confirmed in an interview with Siliconera that he is open to working with MS again on a sequel...according to him it's all up to MS.

Septic820d ago

Then MS better open their wallets!

Software_Lover820d ago

They should just give up there or do ship-to-order.

miyamoto819d ago

Japan, Asia and Middle East are some of the reasons why Xbox will NEVER be World Champion.

Magicite820d ago

Its all about presence, and forget about profit.

joab777820d ago

That's it. B/c they will buy a console just for a game. PS4 isn't doing great either, though that will change with Persona 5, FF15, and FF7 remake.

UltraNova819d ago

No console is doing great in Japan, at least not by 2000s standards thanks to mobile hitting them like a giant tsunami sweeping everything with it.

As for the Xbox there its now all about presence (as Magicite above already mentioned)and not giving up. If anyone can compromise like that i.e. bleed money its MS.


Its good for them to try and the longer they are an option over there the more relevant they will become and will eventually become more popular and will build a fan base.

3-4-5819d ago

* If XB1 had Dragon Quest, it would sell.

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Nonscpo820d ago

I dunno, maybe cause competition is good for the industry?

Jyndal820d ago

MS has lost Japan. There is no competition there.

MasterCornholio820d ago

The Wii U competes more with the PS4 than the X1 does on Japan.

kydrice819d ago

They sold 100 consoles in the past week compared to the thousands for everything else. That's not competition, that's a curb-stomping.

Sonyslave3820d ago

Ms should just pull out they don't need japan anyway.

gangsta_red820d ago

Disagree 100%, a lot of great games come out of Japan. MS should invest a lot more time in getting studios from japan to make games for their system.

FlexLuger820d ago

Unless they intend to buy sega and rebrand the xbox as a sega, in japan, I dont see the point. They only need japanese games to sell to the west, not japanese games to sell to japan. Its a HUGE waste of tehir money. They could be killing it in the west if they didnt waste so much time there. And given that japanese AAA dev success hinges on western audiences these days, you'd think they would play their hand better. But I think scalebound and recore are the right steps in the direction I was thinking about. Just hire famous Japanese devs to make exclusive IP for you, to sell in the west. If the japanese gamers want it let em import it. Not like there will ever be enough of them to make it worthwhile selling there to begin with.

NeverHeavyMan820d ago

They already tried that with the 360. They made very little headway.

Baka-akaB819d ago

because those games came late to the party . Only the ps2 was truly successful in japan without anything good to play in its first months , and that was because it was the first cheap DVD player .

Professor_K819d ago

Agreed, Xbox needs Japanese games not Japanese costumers,

EvilWay820d ago

Because you never know what will hapepen. Th Xbox one could have sold like crazy there, you just never know

MasterCornholio820d ago

"The Xbox one could have sold like crazy there, you just never know"

I'm sure everyone knew before it launched there that it wouldn't sell like crazy.

johndoe11211820d ago

You just won the "most delusional comment ever" award.

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DigitalRaptor820d ago

It would help if they had more exclusive games geared towards that audience, but kudos to them for not withdrawing as of yet. It's a tough crowd for consoles, even for PS4 at this point. I think it would be a strong move to invest into a large-scale RPG. They could easily hire the talent and join the ranks of Sony and Square Enix in their noble efforts to revive the JRPG on consoles. Mistwalker, anyone?

Does anyone know if MS is attending TGS this year?

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