The Next Metroid – Exploring the Possibilities

"Though neglectful, it seems Nintendo is no longer ignorant to the fans longing for a new, fully fledged Metroid title and though it is a little way off, perhaps there is a lot to look forward to. 2017 looms likely, but a 2016 announcement also raises hairs on the back of the neck. Samus needs a big new adventure, Nintendo needs the franchise firing and the fans need the dank, dark atmosphere back in their lives. Make it happen Nintendo!" - Paul James of BGU

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greenmeanie1266d ago

They should have done something this year! What is wrong with Nintendo? The wii U has been out for 3 years, and all we have is Mario, mario, mario. NO Zelda game (unless you count windwaker remake, I DON'T), NO metroid game, NO Kid Icarus game.