Guitar Hero Live will feature Premium Content From Bands and Labels

"Guitar Hero Live is the newest title from the Activision franchise. Guitar Hero Live has shown a lot of promise in development. It has also had many celebrities and athletes backing the game or playing the game to help with its promotion." -GamerFitnation

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ironcrow23861033d ago

can someone please tell me why the hell is Bruno mars and ed sheeran (among others) in the set list..guitar hero is supposed to be about making you feel like a badass rock star so whats the deal with these songs that shouldn't be there

itsjustexuma1033d ago

Because they want to have music for everyone

Palitera1033d ago

The moment they started going this pop route is exactly when they went off the rails.

Redinfamy1033d ago

I feel you on that, but I guess they wanted to implement different genres that feature guitars I guess : P

Xavior_Reigns1033d ago

I know the feeling. I've always wanted a Metal Hero/God game.

rawrock1033d ago

Im totally fine with other music types being in the game, as long as there is plenty of hard rock...

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Hoffmann1033d ago

Am I the only one who prefers music directly made for the games instead of re-playing popular songs I heard a lot of times before?

Konami did that damn right back in their bemania Series days. They only had a few Licensed songs in there while the majority was made by their own musicans

WizzroSupreme1033d ago

Wouldn't want anything less.

ironcrow23861033d ago

Im all for playing new music (songs id never heard of in past games are now part of my all time faves) i just think the likes of ed sheeran, Bruno mars, calvin haris etc are inappropriate for a guitar hero game

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